Fulfilled by our friends at SOiL Organic Aromatherapy and Skincare

   Certified Organic               
100% Pure Oil
Certified Organic: 
Certified by ECOCERT, France
Vegan and Endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty

This blend of SOiL organic essential oils contains Cajeput, Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Clove Oil. This blend of oils is known to help control pain and fever, congestion and sinusitis.

This is a blend of 100% pure SOiL organic essential oils. There is no carrier oil or base oil added. Apply the blend as you would other essential oils, or mix with a carrier oil for massage, or oil burner / diffuser. 

Available bottle size: 10ml.

No Animal Testing      
No Parabens      
No Petro-Chemicals   
No Synthetic Colors      
No Synthetic Fragrances
Easy Breathe - Organic Essential Oil Blend by SOiL Organic Aromatherapy and Skincare

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