Getting My Hair Summer-Ready #MyOliaStory #Ad

Shannon Smyth

Disclosure: I’m sharing #MyOliaStory as part of a Garnier® sponsored series for Socialstars™ The fabulous hair color is all mine.

Shiny, healthy hair with Garnier Olia via @agirlsgottaspa #MyOliaStory #sponsored

Keeping my hair color vibrant, healthy looking... and most of all, covering the grays, is important to me. It feels like post-pregnancy that the gray hair is coming out in full force. I don't want to look older than I am, so I have no shame in dying my hair. 4 weeks ago I gave Garnier Olia® a try in 6.0 Light Brown, as my goal is to start stepping down to a lighter color by Summer.

A few years ago I frosted my hair blonde. Yes, you heard that right - frosted. So 80's. And my hair totally looked the part. It was unnatural looking and I couldn't wait for it to grow out. This time I'm doing it right and taking it slowly instead of just diving in.

My 14 year old had to learn the hard way recently when he wanted to dye his hair blue. He has dark brown hair like me and thought he'd be blonde in a matter of 30 minutes. That was a whole lot of nope. His hair turned an orangey yellow and once he added the blue... he was green. Love my hair color with Garnier Olia via @agirlsgottaspa #MyOliaStory #sponsored My hair color has held up well, as has the shine. It's still a nice shade for the Spring and something I can step myself up to for Fall once I've gotten as close to a light golden brown as I can get without being too brassy for Summer. With 100% gray coverage, my grays are still nicely concealed. My hair doesn't feel dry and is still soft to the touch.100% gray coverage with Garnier Olia via @agirlsgottaspa #MyOliaStory #sponsored In a few weeks it will be time to color my hair again with Garnier® Olia® and I'll be trying to take it a shade lighter. I'm thinking I might also chop my locks for some added effect. Maybe an angled bob or lob. I've had both, and to be honest I prefer to have long hair. But I just keep can't seem to make it work and my hair tends to always be in a ponytail. One thing I can say, is that since coloring my hair, I've been curling my hair more often to show off how great my hair looks. Best hair color to cover gray via @agirlsgottaspa #MyOliaStory #sponsored Please check out my Garnier® Olia® review - I'd love to hear if you've used Olia® and/or if you'll be changing up your hair color now that Summer is almost here! 

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The ColorBAR at dpHUE Los Angeles

Gail Lewis1 comment
colorBAR dpHUE Los Angeles via @agirlsgottaspa #haircare We are all well aware of and seriously addicted to salons that cater to long-lasting blow outs. Now let me introduce you to what is sure to be your new addiction, from the custom hair color retailer, dpHUE,  the ColorBAR at dpHUE.  The ColorBAR at dpHUE is the first to offer clients hair coloring services only, similar to the dry bar concept and has just recently opened its doors in Studio City on Ventura Boulevard. The ColorBAR is a multi-service hair color bar that offers guests color application including highlights, semi-permanent color, deep-condition and replenishing treatments in addition to blow dry styling.  dpHUE  is known for offering do-it-yourself haircolor and the ColorBAR is an extension of those services.  One of Hollywood’s most sought-after color experts, Justin Anderson, is the Creative Director for the brand, combine that with the fact that color is what they do, you know you're in the best of hands.   In addition to hair color, dpHUE also provides hydrating shampoos, conditioners, masques and oils; basically an entire arsenal of products to maintain your gorgeous dpHUE color and leave you with incredibly beautiful hair, which is exactly what I left the ColorBAR with after my visit this past Saturday. dpHUE LA #colorbar via @agirlsgottaspa Service areas inside include: GORGEOUS. TO. GO.
  • Personal consultation with dpHUE hair color professional
  • Custom formulated HUE (color)
  • One-on-one guidance and application instructions for guests to apply hair color at home
  • Services included with GORGEOUS. TO. GO.
  • Hair color is applied at dpHUE by the guest with COLOR COACH guidance
  • dpHUE’s tools and products are available for use
  • Services included with GORGEOUS. TO. GO.
  • Color application, shampoo and condition provided by dpHUE hair color professional
colorBAR at dpHUE LA review via @agirlsgottaspa #beauty #haircolor I've had highlights for quite a while and wanted to go darker, shinier and more rich for fall, which is exactly what my ColorBAR colorist Rita, expertly executed.  My hair actually looked and felt a ton healthier after it was colored, which is a first for me .  Now that I've consulted with a professional ColorBAR colorist and know how to mix and apply my color of choice, I have the option of  having the ColorBAR apply my color or doing it at home on my own.  I can even order my color online since dpHUE has my color information in their system. Unlike do-it-yourself drug store colors that can wreak havoc on your hair and leave it looking brittle and stripped, dpHUE's color formulation is professional color that is incredibly gentle, luxurious, effective and doesn't get much better than that...actually it does, no appointments are ever necessary for your ColorBAR at dbHUE visit! If you visit ColorBAR, please leave a comment and let us know about your experience! Subscribe to A Girl’s Gotta Spa! Watch our reviews on YouTube, see our pins on Pinterest and check us out on Instagram and G+. Got a Kindle? We’re on Kindle too! *Disclosure: Comp service

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