Immersion Spa at Borgata Atlantic City #DoAC

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I traveled to Atlantic City to check out the amazing spa options as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars by Crowdtap #DoAC. All opinions, and fun, are my own.

Borgata Atlantic City Casino and #Spa #review #DoAC

When you think Atlantic City, casinos and gambling may be the first things that come to mind; but what about waterviews, the boardwalk, the beach, amazing restaurants, world class entertainment and my absolute favorite: the spas? Atlantic City is more than just a town to gamble in, and it's certainly a lot more safer than you think!

For my trip to Atlantic City, I stayed at the Borgata Casino & Spa. Don't mistake the Borgata to simply be a hotel and casino, as it is so much more. Honestly, it's like its own city. It is massive with upscale shops, outrageously delicious restaurants, cafes for a quick treat (Frappacino's at Starbucks and amazing display to delight your tastebuds at Sweets & Eats), an entertainment venue, two spas (Immersion Spa and Spa Toccare), nightclubs and The Water Club. You really have no reason to leave the Borgata with so much to do, BUT you should as Atlantic City has so much to offer. Their tagline, after all is, Do AC!

On a sidenote, I spent a good deal of money at Sweets & Eats in the Borgata. I mean look at these delectable treats!

Borgata Atlantic City #DoAC Fruit Tarts at Sweets & Eats Borgata Atlantic City #DoAC Espresso Gelato at Sweets & Eats

Immersion Spa at Borgata Atlantic City:

Sirodhara Ayurvedic Spa Treatment at Immersion Spa at Borgata Atlantic City #review #DoAC

It has been a crazy and intense month for me, so seeking an Ayurvedic spa treatment was a no brainer. Immersion Spa, which is located in The Water Club adjacent to the Borgata, has several Ayurvedic treatments to choose from. The spa staff have you complete a Constitutional Analysis prior to your treatment. This analysis is a questionaire about different aspects of you health, body and mind. The questions have three columns and 3 answers that best match you. The three columns are to determine which element you identify most with: Vata (Esther & Air), Pitta (Fire & Water) and Kapha (Water & Earth.)

I ended up being Pitta, which means I am knowledgable, headstrong, brave and friendly. I won't tell you the bad characteristics of someone who is Pitta because naturally my reacton is "that's not me." Ha!  Peggy (who did my spa treatment) took the information from the analysis to decide the type of oil to use during my treatment.

I chose the Shirodhara spa treatment, which begins with you face down as your shoulders, neck and upper back are massaged. After about 10 minutes, you turn over, face up. Most of the treatment is spent with a steady stream of warm oil slowly pouring from a bowl above your head. Your eyes are covered, as is your body and feet (which are wrapped in warm towels.) Tranquil music plays as the warm oil makes its way across your scalp and through your hair. I literally fell asleep and kept waking myself snoring! All I can tell you is that to get me relaxed to that point is a feat unto itself!

Once the oil treatment is done, the oil is then gently massaged into your hair and scalp soaking it with its nourishing and hydrating properties. Hair is then wrapped in a towel and your treatment is done. It is so soothing and relaxing. Be sure that you do not wear a "good" shirt into the spa if you are having this treatment, as your hair is literally dripping with oil. Once I removed the towel, I used one of the hair scrunchies that are available in the spa's changing area and put my hair up. The spa says it's best to leave the oil in your hair for as long as possible to allow your hair the ability to absorb the oil. This might be doable if you plan to use the steam room, whirlpool or just hang out at the pool (without actually taking a dip.) I had to head back to my room to get ready for dinner so I had to wash my hair right away.

Quick tip: Do not wet your hair when you get in the shower. Instead apply shampoo first and lather. Let it sit in your hair for about a minute and then rinse. Avoid using a conditioner until the next shower. I had to do this about 3 times before my hair was no longer slick. While it was still a bit weighty, it looked like I had flat ironed my hair that night. My hair was so smooth and frizz free.

Immersion Spa has treatment rooms that are dark with low light and they also have treatment rooms facing the Atlantic City skyline and ocean with floor to ceiling windows. My treatment was in the dark room, but I think next time I'd like to experience a massage while staring out at the ocean.

Borgata Atlantic City Spa Treatment Room #DoAC

Immersion Spa is a two-story spa located on the 32nd floor of The Water Club. Here, you'll find 360 degrees of floor-to-ceiling water views, a fitness center and a lap pool that overlooks Atlantic City. It is simply breathtaking. They have a great spa boutique and I came across brands I knew, as well as some I didn't. To be honest, I'd love to see my brand sitting on those shelves one day.

Immersion Spa at Borgata Atlantic City #DoAC

Immersion #Spa Pool with a floor to ceiling view of Atlantic City. #DoAC immersion-spa-view

One of the restaurants that I visited during my stay was Dos Caminos, which is located at Harrah's Resort. I do love Mexican food, but believe it or not, I've never eaten guacamole. With the guacamole being handmade right at our table, I couldn't say no! (And it was AMAZING!)

Dos Caminos Atlantic City #DoAC

Handmade guacamole #DoAC

Handmade guacamole at Dos Caminos Atlantic City Harrah's Resort #DoAC

Crab guacamole at Dos Caminos Atlantic City #DoAC

I don't gamble, but I did enjoy learning how to play Craps at Resorts Casino, the oldest casino in Atlantic City. Although, I'm still confused about how to win, I think I did a pretty good job for a beginner! I had a lot of fun learning and the team there were great.

Craps at Resorts Casino #DoAC

Resorts Casino Atlantic City Craps #DoAC

Resorts Casino is located on the Boardwalk, where you'll also find Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville (I heard he played a free concert there recently) and Landshark Bar & Grill which is located across from Resort Casino directly on the beach. I had lunch at Landshark and I'd like this to be my view

Landshark Bar & Grille on the beach in Atlantic City #DoAC

Of course, a stroll on the beach was in order as well. I loved that the beach was not overcrowded at all and quite family-friendly. Atlantic City beaches are clean and so close to the fun on the Boardwalk.

Atlantic City #DoAC

Trump Taj Mahal Atlantic City #DoAC

Atlantic City beach and boardwalk. #DoAC

While on this trip I was paired with two bloggers, who I had so much fun with! Kelly from - check out her blog to learn more about the fashion in Atlantic City; and Lyuba from - she's covering all of the amazing food in Atlantic City.

Fun in aAtlantic City! Lyuba from @willcookforsmiles and Kelly from @KellyAugustineB #DoAC

I enjoyed Atlantic City so much that I'm thinking a spa hop throughout the city may be in order. I heard they also have some PGA golf courses closeby that my husband would love. So as you can see, there's something for everyone in Atlantic City!

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