ManukaClear Mask and ManukaClear Intensive BB Gel

Mandy Lewis
Manuka Clear Mask and BB Intensive Gel review via @agirlsgottaspa I couldn't have received these products at a better time. With the extremely cold weather and the flu making its rounds at my home, it's left my skin dry, flakey and tight. My usual skin savers weren't doing the trick and my face was starting to look a bit dull. I needed something with some serious hydration and wanted my glow back. The masks I received from Manuka Health provided exactly what I was looking for. All it took was one use for my face to become hydrated again! My skin felt soft and smooth, the few blemishes I was starting to have disappeared overnight. I have found my new addiction and I want everything from this line! Manuka Health is a New Zealand based company whose products are a combination of science and nature. They are committed to being a sustainable business as well as not testing these products on animals, being 100% natural, chemical free and no preservatives. Besides skin care, they also provide products for oral and wound care, among others. The high antioxidant levels in the Manuka Honey nourished and repaired my skin making it revitalized and radiant. The ManukaClear Intensive BB Gel is great for trouble prone skin; it smoothed my skin texture, moisturized and give it a healthy glow. For a more intense hydration and to soothe aggravated or dry skin, the ManukaClear Mask  works wonders! Manuka Clear Mask review via @agirlsgottaspa With some hydration masks you get a temporary relief, but after using both of these masks just once, my face still felt hydrated several days later. To get the full effect, I started using the Intensive BB Gel first for a week, every evening. If I felt I needed extra hydration, then I would use the ManukaClear Mask. They work best on a clean face so cleanse and dry your face first before application. I applied a thin layer and used my fingers to spread upwards and outwards. The consistency is like, you guessed it,  honey, and so is the smell. (Didn't taste too bad either!) Keep it on for at least a half hour to an hour; just don't fall asleep or try to blow dry your hair with either mask on. You'll end up with a sticky mess! (Don't ask me how I know.) Pin your hair away from your face or use a headband. Although the masks are sticky and thick, they are easily washed or wiped off with warm water, leaving your face nourished and healthy looking. These masks should be a staple in your beauty routine and for sure during the winter months when the weather can wreak havoc on your skin. Sometimes my skin can be very sensitive, but these masks didn't dry or irritate my skin. Neither masks left my face feeling dry or tight. Both of these masks can be used daily or as needed and can also be used on your hands (with cotton gloves), and I did try the ManukaClear Mask on my feet. I left it on for about an hour while wearing cotton socks and my dry, cracked heels were thanking me! I wish I can use it over my entire body, but that's time I do not have. These are one of the best masks I've used in a long time, they provide long lasting results you can actually see and feel and I can't say enough about them! Manuka Health products can be found on Amazon. Subscribe to A Girl’s Gotta Spa! beauty blog. Watch our reviews on YouTube, see our pins on Pinterest and check us out on Instagram and G+. Got a Kindle? We’re on Kindle too! Disclosure: press samples, affiliate link

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