On Set Beauty Tip: Ear Protectors

Gail Lewis3 comments
This past weekend I shot a hair care product commercial during which I got the opportunity to pick up a few beauty tips and tricks and thought I would share one of those tips with you in this post.  Hair care commercials normally means that the hair needs to look absolutely perfect, hence quite a bit of heat (blow-drying, curling, flat ironing) is required.  Another requirement is speed on the part of the hairstylist because as they say when on set "time is money."  So combine heat and having to provide the clients with shiny perfect hair in minutes and you might be looking at a recipe for models with burnt ears.  (I know I have had quite a few mishaps with both my curling and flat iron that have occurred when I was not in a rush!)  It's a good thing that most hairstylists on set always seem to show up prepared for every possible scenario and the hairstylist that was on set that day was no exception.   Before styling my hair that day the hairstylist gave me two slip on ear shields to protect my ear from the styling tools.  Some of you may be familiar with the ear shields, but I had never seen nor heard of them before that day but they immediately made sense.  The hairstylist accidentally burning my ears was never a concern for me, but I have to admit I did feel more at ease with the ear shields on.  The hairstylist said that the ear shields can be found in most beauty stores, so I will be headed to a beauty store in my neighborhood in search of them...I am actually looking forward to curling/flat-ironing those pieces of hair around close to my ear! Have you ever used ear shields to protect your ears when heat styling your hair?

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