Fresh Chemistry Wrinkle Release Serum Review

Shannon Smyth

Have you seen those commercials where wrinkly clothes simply need a spritz of Wrinkle Release and suddenly they're smooth without a single crease to be found?

Fresh Chemistry's Wrinkle Release Peptide Serum follows the same theme, targeting fine lines and wrinkles with a potent mix of hyaluronic acid, olive oil, Cacay nut oil, peptides, lavender oil and marine elixir.

I was sent Fresh Chemistry's Wrinkle Release with Marine Plus ($75). Wrinkle Release is also sold without the Marine Plus ($62.)

The larger bottle contains the serum base, which is a blend of 3 kinds of olive oil, hyaluronic acid and mica. It's definitely sparkly, and as someone with combination skin, I was worried that the shimmer would add to my shine.

Step 2, 3 and 4 all come separated in their own glass vials. You add them to the base, shake it up and then it's ready for use. Once mixed, it's best to use this serum up within 4 weeks.

I personally love lavender, and this serum is lightly scented. The scent fades once the serum is applied to your face. But this lavender oil is present for more than just scent and stress-relief.

Lavender oil has known benefits of reducing wrinkles, fighting acne, and soothing skin.

This serum applies so smooth, I swore it had dimethicone in it. But it doesn't. I've never had a serum feel so amazing on my skin like this.

This serum is not greasy either, despite the cacay and olive oils. It quickly absorbed into my skin, making it feel supple and soft almost immediately.

My worries about the shimmer quickly went away, as the mica creates a blurring effect when applied versus looking like glitter. Flaws appear minimized upon application because of the magic of this blurring effect.

So is it just an optical illusion? Did my wrinkles really go away?

Wrinkles never go away friends. However this serum packs an ultra moisturizing punch that all skin needs. There were days I even went without adding a moisturizer because this serum did the work of two products.

Healthy, hydrated skin + hyaluronic acid lessens how deep wrinkles look, while the blurring from the mica makes you look refreshed and youthful.

I personally loved this serum and found myself saving it for use when I knew I'd be taking pictures or social gatherings - basically when I wanted people to remark on how great I looked. :)

You can find this serum, and their Glow Getter serum, at

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Best Face Oils for Anti-Aging

Shannon Smyth
Best Face Oils for Anti-Aging #skincare #skincaretips Long ago, I would have never considered a face oil for my skin care routine. To me, it was just one more step to needlessly add onto my already long list of things to do both day and night. Additionally, I used to have combination skin and felt that using a face oil would make my face as slippery as a Slip 'n Slide, which of course was just naivity and there's more on that at the bottom of this post. Over time I have learned to love face oils, and once I discovered just how wonderful they are, my skin improved considerably.

Best Oils for Anti-Aging:

Argan Oil is full of antioxidants which is great for repairing damaged skin. It also helps improve elasticity which helps to erase the appearance of wrinkles. The fatty acids in argan oil can help restore your skin and keep you looking flawless. Try: DermOrganic Pure Argan Oil Marula Oil is a soothing oil. It’s a great moisturizer and it helps the skin create collagen which helps to remove wrinkles. Marula oil battles signs of aging by curing and preventing damage to your skin. It keeps your skin tone even and leaves you with healthy, glowing skin. Try: Travertine Spa Marula Night Serum Rosehip Seed Oil is known for its concentration of vitamins A and E. In fact, it has a higher concentration of vitamin A than any other botanical oil of its kind. It smooths your skin and helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes. It is absorbed quickly, so it is perfect for anyone with naturally oily skin. Rosehip Seed Oil leaves your skin feeling light and flawless.  Try: Rosehip Seed Oil by Kate Blanc Apricot Kernel Oil rejuvenates your skin and aids in the healing process as it repairs wrinkles, sun damage, and blemishes. It is also known to improve skin elasticity because it helps with skin cell regeneration and collagen production. This anti-aging oil is great for people with all skin types because it is not very greasy. If you have dry skin, then this is a good option because of its hydrating nature. Try: Plant Therapy Apricot Kernel Oil Best face oils for anti-aging. #skincare #skincareblog All of these oils are carrier oils. A carrier oil is used to carry other oils to your skin. You can use them alone or mix them with other essential oils, such as grapefruit essential oil, to create a product that is just right for you. They can be used to create creams, lotions, or serums. I prefer to use a serum because it uses a higher concentration of quality ingredients which means that delivers nutrients deeper into your skin. A little serum goes a long way so your ingredients will last longer. For younger looking skin you should apply face oils each evening. It’s best to cleanse your face first. Then, dab a few drops on your fingertips and apply to your face. Once the oil is rubbed in you are good to go. There is no need to wash the oils off. You may not notice a difference overnight, but over time you will see the benefit of using face oils every day. And if you have oily or combination skin, you can still use a face oil. It's a myth that you cannot or that it will make your face greasier. It may just help to balance your skin and you will find that your skin produces less/just the right amount of sebum. Have you ever used face oils? Which combination works best for you to keep your skin looking youthful? Subscribe to A Girl’s Gotta Spa! beauty blog. Watch our reviews on YouTube, see our pins on Pinterest and check us out on Instagram. Got a Kindle? We’re on Kindle too! Or check out our natural bath and body line!

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