Reduce Wrinkles and Firm Skin: L’Oreal Paris Revitalift™

Shannon Smyth

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by L’Oreal and Conde Nast, but all opinions expressed are my own.

@lorealparisus Revitalift review via @agirlsgottaspa AD If you're tired of reading reviews and trying to educate yourself about anti-wrinkle creams and serums from those barely in their 20s, then you've landed in the right place. While including anti-aging products into your skin care regimen should begin in your 20s, collagen loss and those ghastly deep set wrinkles and fine lines are more prominent in mature skin. So to be completely transparent - I'm 41 years old, didn't really begin to use anti-aging products until I was in my 30s and have watched gravity make itself known on my face (and other areas, too, but that's an entirely separate blog post.) @lorealparisus Revitalift review via @agirlsgottaspa AD When you're dealing with loss of volume, Hyaluronic Acid is the best ingredient in your skin care products that can make the most noticeable difference. Revitalift Volume Filler Daily Volumizing Moisturizer and Revitalift™ Volume Filler Daily Volumizing Concentrated Serum both contain Hyaluronic Acid, which is a water-binding molecule - that means it helps skin retain moisture - an ability that skin loses as we age. If you are 40+ you may have already begun to notice a change in your skin, not only the loss of elasticity resulting in a bit more sag to your skin, but in an increase in dryness as well. For the longest time I've had combination skin that tended to be more oily. But in recent years that has made a definitive change and it tends to be more dry than oily. As you know, dry skin makes just about every flaw on your face more visible. While most people believe the myth that drinking more water will hydrate and plump the skin, it's really a topical application working from the outside in that has the most dramatic effect in restoring skin's natural fullness for a more youthful look. When skin is properly hydrated, especially in combination with Hyaluronic Acid, it gives skin a visible lift by replenishing skin's volume, thus giving you a younger looking appearance. It's really that simple. @lorealparisus Revitalift review via @agirlsgottaspa AD When using both Revitalift™ Volume Filler Daily Volumizing Moisturizer and Revitalift™ Volume Filler Daily Volumizing Concentrated Serum, you're dealing skin a one-two punch. Apply the serum first, which helps deliver the moisturizer deeper into the skin. While I used the moisturizer over my entire face and neck, I only applied the serum under my eyes, along my cheek bones and across my forehead. With Volume Filler™, in just 4 weeks you will begin to see an increased fullness in cheeks, a less hollowed look under your eyes and fine lines and wrinkles will be less pronounced. All good things take time after all. The Revitalift™ Volume Filler Daily Volumizing Moisturizer has a slightly thick, creamy texture and a perfume fragrance. The fragrance does disappear once applied to your skin. While the consistency of the moisturizer is thick in the jar, it is definitely weightless on your skin. Revitalift™ Volume Filler Daily Volumizing Concentrated Serum has the same fragrance as the moisturizer, it also contains dimethicone, so it has a very silky texture that makes it glide across your skin. (Which means it also works great in lieu of a makeup primer.) L’Oréal Paris is introducing a new skin care website built around the insight that everyone’s skin tells a story and no two stories are the same. With this new destination,, L’Oréal wants to help everyone find the right solution for their unique skin concern. With a personalized online skin consultation, you will be given a customized Revitalift™ skin care regimen along with easy-to-understand content from L’Oréal’s team of skin care experts to help decode ingredients, usage instructions and lifestyle tips for your skin. Have you tried L’Oréal Revitalift™? Subscribe to A Girl’s Gotta Spa! beauty blog. Watch our reviews on YouTube, see our pins on Pinterest and check us out on Instagram and G+. Got a Kindle? We’re on Kindle too!

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