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3 Brow Essentials

Brow Obsession: 3 Brow Essentials

Your brows are an essential part to framing your face. Having the right tools is a necessity.

There are plenty of products out there - from brow gels to brow tints, to brow pens and brow markers and so on. What I've noticed lately is that there have been three brow products that I always seem to reach for.

NARS Brow Perfector ($22): This brow pencil has a velvety feel as you fill in where hair is sparse and shape where necessary. It blends perfectly, not making my brows too dark (I used Brown) and filling them out without looking "sharp" in their appearance. This pencil doesn't budge once blended in.

Boom Boom Push-Up Brow Highlighting Pencil ($18): Created by Malynda Vigliotti (aka Boom Boom), brow extraordinaire, this double sided brow highlighter is a hands down, must-have. Apply the matte side of the pencil along the brow bone, use it on the inside of the lower lid and then apply the Sparkle side to the inner corner of the eye. These three little tricks will make your eyes appear wider and uplifted.

The Sonia Kashuk Essentials Brush Set for Meaningful Beauty (Free with Meaningful Beauty purchase):  The Lash Brow Groomer brush in this Meaningful Beauty collaboration set, is one I cannot put down when it comes to my brows (the Foundation Brush is pretty fabulous, too.) I use the bristle side to blend the Boom Boom highlighting pencil into my brown line, while also using the bristles to blend the Nars Brow Perfector while shaping my brows. The comb side is pretty handy when trimming your brows back into a uniform length (there are always those random stragglers that seem to want to grow longer than others!)

Do you use any of the products mentioned? What are your brow essentials?

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I haven’t tried any of these, i need to get on it!
That brush sounds great! I haven’t tried any of these, so definitely need to look into getting these for myself! :)
Allison @neversaydiebeauty
Allison @neversaydiebeauty
That highlighting pencil sounds like a must-have!

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