Aging Hair: Q & A with Marina Azizova of Zotos Professional

Q & A with Marina Azizova, Director of Research and Development of Zotos Professional regarding some of the ways our hair ages. Something you'll want to read! #haircareMarina Azizova, Director of Research and Development at Zotos Professional

If there is anything that I learned while in Darien, Connecticut recently visiting Zotos Professionals' headquarters, it's that the signs of aging are not just visible via your skin.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Marina Azizova, Director of Research and Development at Zotos Professional to talk about what happens to hair as we age and how their new AGEbeautiful home hair color and hair care collection helps to combat these signs of aging. Marina has been with Zotos for 15 years working with aerosol, hair color and as part of the hair care lead development of technology.

I asked Marina what the most exciting part of being a chemist at Zotos has been and she told me it was the technology of anti-aging hair care because it covers such a wide range of people. The biggest misconception, and it is often perpetuated by the beauty industry, is that anti-aging when it comes to hair, simply means combating gray hair. This isn't true.

Lipids in your hair is important (moisture, flexibility and shine) and as we age, we lose it. You may have noticed your hair getting drier, more brittle and of course, going gray. The reason your hair begins to gray is it loses melanin and without it, loses UV protection. Most of the signs of aging hair begins at age 30, however, in your 20's is when keratin production in your hair begins to decrease. By 40, sebum production decreases which lends to a dry scalp and dry hair and even visibly thinning hair. Now you may notice that your hair is dry, but your scalp is the opposite - super oily. This is because if your scalp was always normal to dry, it then becomes oily in your older years, but if your scalp was always oily, it becomes significantly drier as you age. Either way, the result is still the same despite your scalp being oily or dry in your 50's because hair becomes coarser as we age, making it virtually impossible for hair to absorb sebum and remain hydrated. Unfortunately, when hair is drier, it also doesn't move the same.

As I spoke with Marina, the lightbulb literally went off for me. I'm soon-to-be 40 and I've definitely noticed these things, yet NO ONE ever talks about this. I've never once seen a hair care commercial that addresses these issues and that's one of the main reasons I'm supportive of AGEbeautiful. AGEbeautiful hair color not only addresses wiry gray and gray hair, but dullness, dryness and thinning hair. It contains Melanin, Keratin Peptide, silk protein, and Vitamin E to replenish hair with the essential components that are lost with aging.

AGEbeautiful is available exclusively at Sally Beauty and is available in permanent and demi-permanent liquid hair color. They also have a full hair care line, as well.

What are some of the signs of aging you've noticed with your hair? Leave a comment and let me know!

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