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Benefits of Hot Yoga

Benefits of Hot Yoga (Bikram Yoga) #health #wellness #selfcare #yoga I first became acquainted with hot yoga 2-3 years ago, but did not begin a regular practice until last Spring. I have been absolutely hooked ever since. I've noticed that practicing hot yoga regularly has made me less stressed, increased my strength and flexibility, more toned, more energized and quite a few of my family members swear that I look taller. Did I also mention that my skin is usually supple and glowing after practicing? (Must be from sweating out those toxins!) I know that hot yoga might not be to everyone's liking, but I absolutely love it and am grateful for the positive impact it has had on me. If you have been considering giving hot yoga a try this year, here are a few benefits that may propel you into your nearest hot yoga studio ASAP!
  • Hot yoga helps to reduce stress; it increases blood circulation which stimulates the heart to strengthen its contractions, which is exercise for the heart muscle itself. As a result, the heart pumps efficiently thereby lowering blood pressure.
  • Hot yoga also improves flexibility and strength. The heat aids in detoxification, increases blood flow to speed up metabolic processes of vital organs, glands, and mobilizing toxins for elimination.
  • The heat of hot yoga (105 degrees with 40% humidity) also stimulates fat receptors, activating fat stores and facilitating fat loss and releasing these fat-soluble toxins. Additional responses of the heat include the stimulation of white blood cell production, boosting the immune system, promoting relaxation, and an increase in healing injuries and disease symptoms.
Overall, the body’s response to heat strengthens, detoxifies, and heals, which in turn creates a sense of health and well-being.  I usually feel pretty euphoric after my practice; mostly because of all the amazing benefits that I experience because of my practice, but also probably because I got through my 60-90 minutes class without sprinting for the door.  I will admit that it took me a while to get used to the heat and every once in a while it still gets to me, especially if I am not hydrated enough (an easy fix.)  Hot yoga has actually motivated me to drink enough water throughout the day. Like I said, perhaps hot yoga will not be to your liking, but you won't know until you give it a try! I'd love to hear about your experience with hot yoga, leave a comment!
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