Breathe Salon and Day Spa Facial Review

Review by Courtney Smith “You should get a facial,” I would hear my sister-in-law say to me over the past few years, “they are so great, so relaxing.”  It sounded nice, but other than imagining mud plastered over my face, I really did not know what a facial was or what kind of benefits to expect from getting one.  Low and behold as I made my daily drive past Breathe Salon and Spa of Lansdale, PA I noticed a big sign that hung promoting anti-aging facials. Weeks away from thirty-five and with enough fine lines on my face to show it, anti-aging sounded fantastic to me. I have had the pleasure of enjoying Breathe Salon and Spa’s knock out cut and colors in the past and thought this would be a terrific opportunity to explore one more, of the many, self-care aspects that the salon and spa has to offer.  Per usual the staff was friendly and welcoming, the environment was creatively inspiring and offered a sense of serenity, and upon meeting Maureen Barnes, Breathe’s premier certified Esthetician, who is filled with 20 years of cosmetology wisdom, I was provided with a tour of the room where my facial would be done, as well as educated on what to expect from our time together.  Maureen displayed confidence, professional and practical knowledge, and her presence emitted calm energy that placed me in a mood of ease for the hour we spent together. She was able to answer all my questions and then some and offered me some simple tips to assist me in dealing with the season’s harsh effects on my skin and for my my anti-aging  (appearance) journey.   The facial was so much more than mud on my face.  It was an investment into myself that I am seeing positive effects weeks later. Since I write from the every day woman’s/mom’s perspective, as well as with the eye of a healthcare professional as an RN, I feel it is pretty realistic to say many everyday woman have NO idea what a facial has to offer or what is involved. With that said I want to equip you with some well rounded know-how and encourage you to go indulge in a facial!  Yes ladies, just because we are tired and perhaps a little worn from all of our daily duties does not mean we have to look it, and when we begin to take even a little time for ourselves we can get some release from feeling it too! My view of the top 10 benefits of a facial:
  1. Relaxation
  2. De-stressing of skin, emotion, and over-all mind, body, spirit
  3. Increased circulation to the skin on our face (this has enormous health benefits)
  4. Decreased sinus pressure
  5. Release of toxins from our skin (if you only could have seen mine, whoa!)
  6. Minimize the appearance of pores
  7. Decrease in fine lines and wrinkles
  8. Increase in moisture balancing
  9. Decrease appearance of age spots
  10. Firmer skin with an added glow
Maureen Barnes 10 steps to an awesome and effective facial: 1. Cleanse. Facials are different from regular at-home cleansing because they deep clean, removing toxins caused by pollution, grease and dirt found in your everyday environment. 2. Analyze.  This tells what skin type you are working with or any concerns. i.e. large pores, sun damage, dry patches. oily patches. 3. Exfoliate. This gets rid of dead skin and improves the look of the skin. It also helps any product you use work better. 4. Steam the skin and loosen the debris in the pores. The oxygen helps the immune system and heat from the steam help the hardened, clogged oil in the pores to soften therefore becoming easier to extract. 5.  Extraction.  Is the removal of whatever may be clogging pores. 6. Massage. This increases circulation and helps products to sink into the skin, It helps soften the look of lines, and has emotional benefits of touch. It also assists with digestion and metabolism. It de-stresses you period, which has a long list of health benefits. As part of the facial, the scalp (which helps with hair growth), face, chest, shoulder, arm, and hands are massaged. 7. Mask. There are the highest amounts of nutrients and minerals in this product and designed to work with different skin types. 8. Skin booster. This is a potent serum (there are a variety), which give a strong boost to the skin and assist in alleviating skin issues. 9.  Mini massage with the serum. 10. Moisturize.  Moisturize, moisturize and your done! Now go get your facial and reap the benefits! Book your facial with Maureen Barnes at Breathe Salon and Day Spa by calling 215-362-1277. Subscribe to A Girl’s Gotta Spa! for more beauty reviews! Watch our reviews on YouTube. Got a Kindle? We’re on Kindle too! *Disclosure

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