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Breathe Salon and Day Spa Review, Lansdale PA

Review from my fabulous sister, Courtney “Breathe,” that is what I keep trying to tell myself amidst my crazy life as a mama of seven beautiful babes. “Self-care,” I’ve heard myself preach the importance of it to my pre-teen daughter and to my patients who I care for in the hospital a million times. So as the collection of dust mounted on the silver envelopes of my now two unused Breathe Salon and Day Spa gift certificates, and my daily drive past their ever-so inviting window treatments called my name, my summer fizzled chlorine-damaged hair could take no more and I decided that I WAS finally making an appointment for me. The only appointment that a girl can make that will last a couple hours, but will be sure to rejuvenate her for at least six solid weeks, if she chooses wisely. I am no beauty expert, but I know what I like, and I do have a gift for creative flare that’s easy on the eyes. 215-362-1277, my fingers dialed quickly with a finger flip back to my icalendar, as I listened to a smile answer the phone to help me make my appointment. Did you know that it is a fact that you can hear a smile over the phone? Indeed, I could and it put me at immediate ease that this would be the experience I had hoped. In saying that, I might add that more of my salon experiences have been negative then positive. I always described my experiences to friends as the scene in the 1996 A Very Brady scene when David Spade is Mrs. Brady’s hair dresser and he goes in with a chainsaw and all, then she comes out looking exactly the same with that damn hair flip on the ends, lol. Seriously folks. Just know as friendly as I am I don’t give my every day woman’s stamp of approval of a salon lightly. Here is my scoop and review: Breathe Salon and Spa was recently voted, “Best Beauty Salon” by Readers Choice. They are friendly and created a welcoming environment from the outside in. The atmosphere was bright, filled with beautifully flowing fabrics, clean, and a light spread of coffees and sweets were presented after entering the door. They offered a great deal of services from facials to massages to hair/beauty, as well as a specialty in ethnic hair. Although they educated me about what they had to offer in terms of services, it was more as an FYI without the uncomfortable push. Rebecca Cooper, the master colorist, brought me back within minutes of my arrival to discuss my wants and needs. I remembered her talent from a previous salon and was immensely excited to have her do my color. She has a real knack for listening, advising, then producing color with a pow, like no other that I have met. Before I came for my “me” day, I looked up new looks and was inspired by the Rose gold color tones that I saw in Allure's pics of the fall 2012 hair trends. Rebecca took the time to listen and she even look up what I was telling her I wanted. I had some other ideas that I also liked, so we decided to mix them a bit to give me the versatility I love. David Van Guilder, owner of Breathe, came over to introduce himself as my hairstylist and talk about my goals and plans for my hair. We discussed my typical styles, my likes, and my work parameters. Though I have an idea of what I want, I simply love to get a hair stylist’s advice, in-put, and ideas. When I meet someone who is talented I truly respect and will listen to what they say. David was the first hairstylist to ever respect my own layperson ability to do my hair and he was able to also build in the versatility I wanted. For instance, I wear my hair naturally curly, I straighten it, I put it in up-do’s, twists, braids, I wear it in all sorts of creative funkiness, but I also need to be very professional at times if I am public speaking or out on the floor for my nursing job. David was able to truly listen to my needs, advice me on best styles for my lifestyle and on what looks would be complimentary to my physical features. David and Rebecca worked as a team to get it done and the results were marvelous. Love the color, love the cut, and I LOVE how many styles I can do my hair in, each giving me a different look with a different color enhanced. Awesome job Breathe Salon and Spa of Lansdale, PA!

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