Brow Q&A with Christina Snead of blink in Minneapolis, MN

It seems like thicker, fuller brows are suddenly EVERYWHERE…eyebrow implant procedures are becoming more popular by the minute, so for those of us who crave thicker, fuller brows but were not born with the brows of Arizona Muse and cannot afford eyebrow implants, I decided to ask Christina Snead of blink  in Minneapolis, MN for her recommendations on how to begin the process of growing our brows out.  blink is a brow beauty boutique in Minneapolis that specializes in waxing/threading, makeup application and facials.  Christina Snead Snead is one of the partners in beauty at Blink (the other is Brook, who is also amazing) and has been in the aesthetics for over 12 years and she is the only person I trust with my brows. Q: First of all, how does one even begin the process of growing their brows out?  A: When starting the process of growing out the brows... most people need to come back within 3-4 weeks.  Once the shape is where we want it, clients can stretch time between appointments to 4-8 weeks.  It all depends upon the amount of hair a person has, how much growth they get and if they want to do tweezer maintenance in between.  Patience is key.  It usually takes months to get the brow hair to fill in... even over a year for some people. Q: What should most people keep in mind when trying to grow their brows out? A: When growing out your brows... it's necessary to leave the brow alone and let the hair grow in.  This takes time. Self-discipline.  But has results!  It allows us to assess the situation and decide what's going to be the best for your features and face shape.  It's important to know how to maintain the brow while growing it out.  There is always one brow that is fuller than the other, and even slightly different in length or width.  One brow tends to grow faster than the other and fills in better...  it's common! Q: How do we fake fuller brows until they are grown out? A: In the meantime, we will teach you how to fill them in naturally during the re-shaping process.  A fuller brow is a more youthful brow, whether your 15 or 75!  Natural is good... because it's what you were born with... just "blink-enhanced".  The natural brow complements your features, doesn't compete. Q: What are some products you would recommend for creating a fuller brow? A: I love the ALIMA shadows to fill in the brows!  They have many different shades of browns which I think is essential when making the brow look natural.  Most of the time... makeup lines only carry a light, middle and dark brown.... but some people have more auburn, chocolate or espresso hues in their hair color so the ALIMA matches really well.  They also have an onyx that works well for black hair... it is a softer black which enhances the shape and doesn't make it too dramatic.  I use our blink angle brush to fill in... the right brush is essential.... too much fluff in the brush and you don't get definition that is needed.. too much stiffness and it ends up looking like a line.  Brushes are important especially around the eyes!  It's like painting your house.. you need to have the right brushes for the different areas! If you have any other questions about growing your brows out...or about brows in general, let us know and we will pass them on to Christina.  Christina is also available by appointments at blink in Minneapolis!

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