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You Don't Need All That Makeup by Lianne Farbes

You Don't Need All That Makeup. Q & A with Lianne Farbes

About 1 year into being a beauty blogger I came across the very funny and talented Lianne Farbes. Lianne had launched The Makeup Girl, and as only a handful of beauty bloggers at the time, we all stuck together and became fast friends. I love Lianne because she is a straight shooter. She's never pulled any punches with me, and I love that about her. With all of her years in the beauty industry (she is a former model and long-time makeup artist), Lianne has now added published author to her repetoire. You Don't Need All That Makeup! just came out last week and will give you another tool to add to your beauty routine. Totally a must-read and will equip you with knowledge on how to care for your skin so that your makeup bag is a little lighter. Check out my Q & A with Lianne, and don't forget to pick her book on Amazon, which is available on the Kindle too! Q: What is your earliest memory that had to do with makeup/skin care? Skincare - I was definitely 8. I used my moms noxzema. Makeup was more about 10-11. I was obsessed with Diana Ross' eyelashes and started experimenting with mascara haha Q: When it comes to your skin care routine, what is the one step, hands down, that you absolutely never skip? Serum or some kind of booster added to my moisturizer. I find that as I get older, it's necessary to have an extra specialist in my routine. Q: What do you feel is one of the greatest myths about acne? About anti-aging products? About makeup? The greatest myth about acne is that you need to burn it off. I find soothing and calming products much more effective. That's not to say that some glycolic acid isn't necessary, but I think in smaller targeted doses. Anti-aging - probably that you need to spend a lot of money on products, whenthere are so many great lower priced options at the drugstore. Makeup probably the same....price. There are certain things I don't like to skimp on like foundation, but something like mascara you can get a great one for $6-7. Q: What is one of the most underutilized beauty tips that you feel all women need to follow? Keep it simple...don't try and overdo it. Also ask questions and experiment with new products. Q: What prompted you to write You Don't Need All That Makeup? I literally wanted to do something that was of service. I get asked loads of questions all the time, so why not write it all down into an easy to follow guide? I love helping people too, so this was a way to do it on a mass scale. Q: Your skin looks amazing, so of course we need to know what are your go-to skin and makeup must-haves? Haha! Thank you! Recently, I have been using products by Rodial. They have a face oil that is just amazing.... I always use a face oil, serum, moisturizer combo. I also do a peel once a month. Don't forget to also check out Lianne on The Makeup Girl!
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