Everyone Hand Sanitizers Helping to Keep You Flu-Free

Help prevent the spread of germs this #flu season! Fall is upon us! It's that lovely season when the kid’s return to school (YIPPEEE), the temperature drops enough to save our electric bills from the high cost of air conditioning (another hooray!), apple pie al a mode drops into bellies, pumpkins and mums decorate our door steps, hayrides ride, fall festivals engage, and beautiful colors pervade our natural habitat. Mmm, oh and I forgot to mention the not so fantastic party-pooping germs that also love the fall, and/or that love making us take a fall from good health. Yes, it's that time of year that the Flu likes to make its grand entrance, along with some other nasty "bugs." Give or take a few weeks in either direction, the various strands of Flu like to arrive sometime around October and stick it out until about May. The CDC reported that 2012-13 was one of the worst flu seasons in about a decade. After a fresh reminder that we are not invincible knocks us down a few notches, we tend to prepare better the following year. Dr. Swanson recently wrote an informative article in the Huffington Post to keep us up on the need-to- know info regarding the Flu and www.flu.gov has everything you could ever dream of to help keep you fully prepared for the 2013-14 Flu season. The good news is that something as simple as proper and frequent hand sanitation is one of our primary defenses against the spread of the flu...and against almost all communicable diseases. Did you know that Florence Nightingale, the mother of modern nursing, dropped the death toll of the soldiers during the Crimean War from 42% to 2% just by implementing proper and consistent sanitation strategies, such as hand washing? That fact is always such a wow-factor to me on the significance that simple hand sanitation plays into stopping the spread of potentially deadly illnesses. Everyone (EO) is a brand that is all about helping us to love life and stay clean. They have formulated two new fantastic scented hand sanitizers, Peppermint + Citrus and Coconut + Lemon, that are 99.9% effective against most common germs. The nearly equally fab facets of these products, are that they are made with natural plant-based ingredients and contain essential oils. This means that Everyone hand sanitizers will leave your hands supple and clean, instead of cracked and mean. They come in easy to pack hand sprays and gels that are super-affordable. I recommend that you buy a ton of them and throw em’ in your kids school bags, throw em’ in the car, and throw em’ in your purse. Please implement the use of Everyone hand sanitizers frequently this coming season to help make our world healthy, happy, and clean. I assure you that you will unknowingly save a few lives doing it, and perhaps your own. Happy Fall all, now pass on the good news and let the festivities play on! Subscribe to A Girl’s Gotta Spa! for more beauty reviews! Watch our reviews on YouTube, see our pins on Pinterest and check us out on Instagram and G+. Got a Kindle? We’re on Kindle tooCourtney on G+. *Disclosure

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