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Five Ways to Look Younger without Resorting to Botox

5 ways to look younger without resorting to botox. If we aren’t being bombarded with news of which (already youthful) celebrity is getting plastic surgery or being injected with Botox, we’re being fed images through beauty and fashion magazines, Hollywood, and most of all these damn filters on our social platforms, that youthful skin is IN and the real you is OUT. So how can we keep up when we certainly aren’t getting any younger, but don’t want to resort to needles and going under the knife?

Five simple tips to help you take anti-aging matters into your own hands:

Wear broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30+, 365 days per year. (Yes, even in the winter!) Think of it this way: UVB=burning rays and UVA=aging rays. Make sunscreen a priority in your beauty arsenal not only as a preventative measure against skin cancer, but to prevent age spots and wrinkles. Two places people often forget but show signs of aging the fastest? Your hands and your neck. Favorite: MDSolarSciences Wear sunglasses with UV protectant lenses. If crow’s feet are the bain of your existence, think about all of the squinting you’ve been doing. Whether you are enjoying the outdoors with your children or simply driving to the store, the delicate skin around your eyes takes a beating each time you squint thus deepening the creases and making those fine lines more apparent. Favorite: PolarSpex Schedule a monthly facial. There is nothing like escaping to the spa for a little down time to relax and be pampered, but the most important part of this is seeing a professional esthetician who can address the needs of your skin and give it a deep cleaning on a monthly basis. Your skin will have a more youthful glow, I promise you. Favorite: The Lodge at Woodloch Brightening Facial Use products suitable for your skin type. Think there are only three categories for skincare: normal, oily and combination? Wrong. And chances are, what your friend tells you works great for her, isn’t always best to meet your skin’s unique needs. By using the right products for your skin type, you’ll have a more effective skin care routine that will have people asking you for ID. Favorite: Renée Rouleau Skin Care Get your beauty sleep. 7-8 hours of sleep per night will not only help your overall health, it will also keep your skin radiant (e.g. you won’t look so tired!) Bonus tip: Sleep with your head elevated on two pillows in order to prevent dark circles and under eye puffiness. This helps fluids to properly drain from around the eye area. Another great way to ensure a good night’s sleep? Blocking out all light with a sleep mask. Favorite: Alaska Bear Sleep Mask It’s never too late to put these tips into practice or to share them with your best girlfriends…unless you want to keep the secret to your new younger appearance classified of course! Subscribe to A Girl’s Gotta Spa! beauty blog. Watch our reviews on YouTube, see our pins on Pinterest and check us out on Instagram. Got a Kindle? We’re on Kindle too! Or check out our natural bath and body line!

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