I Found the Perfect Red Lip Color

The Perfect Red Lip Never did I thought I would see that day when I would be able to say I'm wearing red lip color. Friends would tell me, "Try this one, it's best!" or "This type of red is more your color," only to be greatly disappointed. I began to think red just wasn't for me and would instead would be green with envy over those who could pull it off. I'm just too pale, it brings out the ruddiness in my skin, it makes me look like a clown... believe me, I've given every excuse there is. Until AVON sent me their newest lip crayon for Fall. In two words: holy crap. OK, better words: stunning, vibrant, youth-enhancing, brilliant, powerful. The Ultra Color Lip Crayon ($8) in Reddy for Me, is truly the red for me. It is jumbo in size, glides on smooth and instantly brightens my face. It's not too bright, not too matte, and doesn't bring out the unevenness in my skin tone. While this new lip color is said to have moisturizing shea butter and Vitamin E, I did find it to be drying. Does it stop me from wearing it religiously? Nope. Without a lip pencil, the lip color does wear off (inner part of your lip first) after the usual eating/drinking. However, I found that if I use a nude lip liner and fill in my lips with it then apply the Ultra Color Lip Crayon over it, it has much better staying power. To combat the dryness, I just use my Beau Bain Mint Mojito Lip Scrub prior to application. The Ultra Color Lip Crayon does have mica for the sparkle. That's really the only thing I'm on the fence about. Sometimes the mica looks like large glitter on my lips, and at 39 years old, makes me feel childish. However, sometimes what I think and what people say are two different things and everyone continues to rave about how this red looks on me. Mica lips and all.

Red Lip Color

Have you found your perfect red?

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