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Get This Radiant Orchid Makeup Look


1. Apply primer. (I love Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion.) 2. Then on the inner lid and crease place a stripe of gold. Also bring it down to your inner lower lash line. I used mark. fab 5 (I use this set endlessly!) 3. Right after putting a stripe of the gold, place a stripe of pink. I used Shiseido's shimmering cream pink (PK302) again make this stripe from crease to a rainbow except it's side by side. This is a beautiful pink and it blends so well with the other colors! 4. Next apply a stripe of violet. I used Shiseido's Provence (VI704.) 5.Make a V shape on the outer lid and crease with a deep purple. Also, bring that color down to the lower lash line from the mid to outer portion. I used Aveda's Dusk Orchard. 6. Place a neutral highlighting color on your brow bone. (Hint: you want to keep the focus on the crease area down, so I chose a matte cream color.) 7. Blend and add color again where needed. I always dab the colors I'm reapplying, so it pops and looks well blended. 8. Apply black liner to the upper lash line and the waterline. 9. Apply mascara.


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