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How to Get a Better Hairstyle: Tips From Salon A.K.S

Many of you can most likely relate to this scenario.  You have in your minds eye the perfect haircut or color that you think will look just absolutely amazing on you. You go into the salon and think that you do a pretty good job of explaining to your stylist what it is that you desire, but then you leave the salon feeling like somehow something got lost in translation because the cut or color you are leaving the salon with is not exactly what you had pictured.

So what happened? Did you not communicate clearly? Should you have brought in a better picture of what you wanted? Did your stylist think that what you wanted might not have been the best look for you? Maybe none of the above or maybe all three?

Either way, this scenario is all too common and with spring and summer fast approaching, many of you much like myself, will be looking to update your 'do a little...or drastically. In an effort to help our readers better communicate with their hairstylist so that they look and feel their absolute best this spring and summer, we reached out to the industry experts at Salon AKS in New York City for some of their tips on better communication between clients and their hairstylist.

We hope this will also shed some light on what your hairstylist, (if they are a good hairstylist), should consider before cutting and coloring your hair. 

Q:  What do you consider to be the key elements in the communication between client and stylist in achieving a client's desired cut, color or style and why? 
A: The key to great communication between you and your stylist starts by choosing the perfect person for you. If you see someone’s hair that you like, ask them who did it! Recommendations are the best way to find your stylist match. As in any relationship, honesty is the best policy. Be open about what you like and dislike about your hair and what your stylists have done in the past. Explain in detail what you’re looking for, but be open to your stylist’s advice as well. After all – we are the professionals! Listening to each other is key, and we take our time during consultations so that there is clarity in what exactly will be done to ensure your expectations are met.

Q: Do you find it to be helpful when clients bring in images of celebrities as a reference point?  If so why?
A: Yes, this is so helpful because sometimes clients have a hard time articulating what they are looking for. We like to start by referencing pictures, and then defining what it is about the hair style that the client really likes. Sometimes it turns out they really don't want the hair style at all, and that they really like the color or the dress she is wearing!
Q: Is it important for clients to be open to modified versions of the cut/color/style that they desire? If so why?
A: We encourage clients to always be open to modifying the look. A good stylist knows that every haircut should be tailored to the client’s face shape, size and skin color and it should accentuate their best features – so it is important to trust them.
Q: What about a client's lifestyle, how much of an impact does a client's lifestyle have on the type of haircut/color that you would recommend?
A: We always ask how much time the client is willing to put into their style. When someone tells me that they have no time for styling, I say a new look is exactly what they need. Not every style has to be high maintenance. It’s a win-win when we can choose a color and style for a client that when it grows out, it still looks great on them.
Q: Why do you think Salon AKS excels at meeting their client's expectations on a continuing basis?

A: At Salon AKS, we train our staff to have a fine-tuned vision of the most flattering style for each client during the consultation phase. We account for all variables, including bone structure, height, body frame, hair texture, etc. so we can highlight the most flattering elements of each client.  We team up a stylist and colorist to consult on the client’s dry hair and take their time doing so, to also see exactly how that client’s hair grows out after each cut. We feel it is important to have two sets of eyes focusing on one look, and pride ourselves on providing the ultimate look for each client, knowing that consistency is key!

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