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Miracle Skin Transformer Miracle Balm Review

Miracle Skin Transformer Miracle Balm #review #beauty

It has been a never ending winter here in the northeast and my skin is really not happy about it. In one of my last posts, I was so excited to add two new products to my daily beauty line up for dry skin…but now we can make that three. I’ve never had such a problem with dry skin before, especially on my face. If you live in an area with brutally cold temps and you’re experiencing this same sensitivity and dehydration on your face, meet the Miracle Skin Transformer Miracle Balm ($36) from Sarah McNamara. While a vitamin C serum was a great addition to my daily routine, the never ending freezing cold temps were still leaving areas around my nose really dry. It was actually kind of embarrassing and I felt so self conscious that I couldn't get that area under control. I’ve never had to deal with skin issues like this before and my heart goes out to those with regular dry skin. On the coldest days, I felt like nothing was giving me the relief and hydration my face needed until I found Sarah McNamara’s Miracle Skin Transformer Miracle Balm. Miracle Balm is a multi-use beauty balm and creamy oil designed to hydrate sensitive, irritated skin and enhance the skin’s own natural repair process.  It’s made of a unique formula blend of waxes, oils, botanical antioxidants, and reparative ingredients like Manuka Honey and Japanese Licorice Root Extract.  It's pretty much a combination of a bunch of really great ingredients for your skin that replenishes, calms, restores, repairs, and quenches your thirsty skin. I swear, it couldn't have come at a better time for me. Actually it's a blend of over 30 moisturizers! This is not your average moisturizer, it really is more a balm. Thicker, more concentrated, and so creamy you really only need a dab. If harsh winter weather has left you painfully dry, Miracle Balm provides instant relief and protection for distressed skin and is for anyone with severely dry, dehydrated skin due to harsh weather, aggressive cosmetic treatments, or environmental reactions. TRUTH! I feel like I'm preaching now, but seriously the harsh weather has been sucking any moisture from my face and a few little dabs on Miracle Balm puts the moisture right back in. Miracle Balm is totally soothing solution for the driest areas of your face and body. Just apply Miracle Balm with your fingertips to soothe irritated skin.  It's safe to apply anywhere on the body including face and lips. If you're not sure about this because of the price tag, I should also mention again that this is a multi-use product. It's not just for your face!  You can use it for dry area of your face and body, but is also super convenient to have on hand to smooth fly-aways, condition lips, use as a face highlighter, and even to transform powder eye shadows into creams. There are tons of different uses for Miracle Balm! Aside from hydrating your face and body, Miracle Balm can help you deal with many skin challenges like reducing redness, soothing areas post-waxing, healing and smoothing cracked heels, stings and bug bites, and even after sun exposure. Try it and let me know what you think! If you found this skin care review helpful, please Like, Share and Pin it! Subscribe to A Girl’s Gotta Spa! Watch our reviews on YouTube, see our pins on Pinterest and check us out on Instagram and G+. Got a Kindle? We’re on Kindle too! *Disclosure

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