Nutrisystem Week 3: Reality Check

Healthy Weight Loss @nutrisystem #ad Nutrisystem's weight loss plan is not The Biggest Loser. This is the reality check I had this past week. In my pre-Nutrisystem life, I ate junk food like it was going out of business. I consumed fat like there was no tomorrow. Portion size? That would be two helpings of everything. Vegetables were only to be eaten at dinner time and late night snacking was a must. Exercise? Wasn't being a mom (aka taxi, chef, maid, organizer, grocery shopper and overall "clean your room" harasser) enough exercise for one day? I'd sit and watch The Biggest Loser religiously and think, "That's going to be me." I wrongfully assumed that as soon as I cut calories, ate healthier, ate the right way with the right portions and included more exercise that BOOM! the weight would drop off me like a sack of potatoes. But I was so wrong. Last week I posted a very depressed Facebook update wondering how in the world my weight goes up and down if I am doing everything right. I received a variety of answers from: 1200 calories a day is putting my body into starvation mode and clinging to the fat resources TO muscle weighs more than fat TO add more calories TO you're retaining water TO you're taking in too much sodium TO exercise more and so on. All I knew is that I watched my weight bounce up and down on the scale and it depressed me. I wanted to be that person who stepped on the scale and saw a big weight loss, certainly not a weight gain. My measurements have been all over the place as well, my hips and waist seem to be the only spots that are losing inches (which is great of course) while my thighs and arms vary from week to week. I'm not sure if this is the whole "muscle vs fat" argument or not. I haven't stuck to the program 100% as there was a day or two last week where I skipped the afternoon snack because I was out running errands and didn't want to keep something perishable in my car in the summer heat. Also, my husband took me out for dinner on Saturday night for a pre-birthday celebration. Dinner was prime rib. PRIME RIB. I was good though, I cut off all the fat, didn't eat much of the baked potato and ate all of the broccoli. The funny thing is that I think my body is definitely getting used to the smaller portion sizes as I felt full a lot quicker and made myself stop eating...which isn't something I would've done before. And thank goodness for Nutrisystem members. I had asked about how to curb chocolate cravings and got some great answers from fellow members on the boards. Who knew that sugar-free Jello with fat-free whipped cream would only be 15 calories and no fat!? It's great to know I'm not alone in this and can get support and help from others on the program as well. My reality check is that I don't have a personal trainer, dropping an enormous amount of weight so quickly is unhealthy and that less calories doesn't mean more weight lost. So no, Nutrisystem is not The Biggest Loser, but despite my battle with the scale, I know that the program is helping me to lose weight and inches in a healthy way that, in the end, will help me to keep it off. My week 3 weight loss was a 1/2 pound bringing me to 169.5.  For inches, I lost a half inch on my arms and waist each, my thighs remained the same while my hips and chest appeared to gain in inches. So in 3 weeks, I've lost 4 pounds and 5 inches. Which is why I have to keep reminding myself that losing 1-2 pounds a week is totally normal and I am right on track. When you began Nutrisystem or your diet plan, what reality check did you have a few weeks in? Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting Subscribe to A Girl’s Gotta Spa! Watch our reviews on YouTube, see our pins on Pinterest and check us out on Instagram and G+. Got a Kindle? We’re on Kindle tooShannon on G+

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