5 Cruelty Free Body Scrubs on Amazon

Shannon Smyth
If your skin has been looking lackluster lately, it may be time to exfoliate. Exfoliation will help to slough away dull looking skin and help it to reveal a healthy glow. A good body scrub can do the trick and we rounded up 5 cruelty free body scrubs that you can find on Amazon.  Best cruelty free body scrubs on Amazon. #crueltyfree #beauty #bodyscrub


Matcha is not only great for your health, but it's also great for the skin. Matcha is very popular for treating inflammation and diminishing the sign of aging. Matcha is good for all skin types, so everyone can use this body scrub. This body scrub will help to exfoliate and eliminate dead skin cells, then rejuvenate the underlying skin to improve your skin tone. Peppermint oil adds to the refreshing quality this scrub has. It is 100% natural and it is cruelty-free.


This body scrub comes in travel size or is perfect as a way to test out if it's for you. This sugar scrub is coconut oil based, giving skin a gentle exfoliation with maximum hydration. The scent is a heady blend of exotic flowers making you feel like your shower is an island getaway. Bonus is it's natural, with fair trade ingredients and cruelty free.


This delicious smelling blend of Dead Sea Salt and coconut milk will whip your skin into shape. This scrub has a plethora of hydrating oils from avocado oil to grapeseed oil. Your skin is sure to be left supple after using it. It's also natural and cruelty free.


You will definitely fall in love with this luxury body scrub. It will help to renew your skin, leaving it fresh and smooth from first use. The scrub contains jojoba beads and fruit acids to exfoliate and hydrate skin, and aloe vera to soothe it. This scrub is cruelty free and hypoallergenic.


Forgive us for being biased, but the latest scrub from A Girl's Gotta Spa! is a dreamy mix of Pink Himalayan Salt and a botanical blend of soothing flowers and essential oils. The fine grit of the salt buffs skin , while lavender essential oil relaxes the mind, and organic Sunflower and Safflower Seed Oil moisturizes skin. This body scrub will give you a unique experience! It's also 100% natural and Leaping Bunny certified cruelty free.

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Svelta Coffee Sugar Scrub Review

Shannon Smyth4 comments
This coffee sugar scrub from @sveltatan is BEYOND. via @agirlsgottaspa Coffee, sugar and body scrubs - my 3 favorite things. There is nothing better than java to wake you up - and that goes for your skin, too! Self-tanning brand, Svelta, knows the key to an even tan without streaking, is exfoliation. So it's no surprise that in addition to their sunless tanning product, that they offer a heavenly scrub to make sure you look your best. Love this coffee body scrub from @sveltatan! Check out the review on @agirlsgottaspa I'm pretty much obsessed with scrubs, and this one is no different. First off, it is a whopping 16oz. So it is pretty sizeable. The rose gold detail makes it look luxe. When you take off the cap... it is literally a close your eyes and take in the delicious fragrance kind of moment. No joke. The raw sugar is noticeable in medium sized pieces. I took a spoon and stirred the coffee, sugar and oil mix as it had separated a bit from the oil (totally normal.) Be prepared that this is a seriously messy scrub. Coffee will be everywhere and the bottom of your shower will be slippery from the oils, so be careful. But every scrub addict knows this is just par for the course with your obsession and you just push on through. @sveltatan Luxe Coffee and Raw Sugar Body Scrub review via @agirlsgottaspa I've found that most sugar scrubs have finely ground sugar in them, but since this is raw sugar, it has the same level of abrasiveness as a salt scrub. Again, totally fine with me, and I think that's to the benefit of this scrub since it is meant to be used prior to a self-tanner. Meaning, you really want the dry skin to come off, especially at your elbows, knees and feet where the sunless tanner may end up looking darker if not exfoliated properly. This scrub has a delectable cardamon fragrance, the moisturizing oil in this is olive oil, which I am a huge a fan of (it's in my hydrating body lotion after all.) It also contains Vitamin E and grapefruit extract (grapefruit has a brightening effect on the skin.) Other things worthy of noting is that this luxe coffee sugar scrub is 100% natural, does not contain parabens, phthalates, sulfates, petrochemicals, triclosan, dyes or synthetic fragrance. It's also cruelty free. Honestly, try it for yourself. I bet you'll become just as obsessed as I am! Subscribe to A Girl’s Gotta Spa! beauty blog. Watch our reviews on YouTube, see our pins on Pinterest and check us out on Instagram and G+. Got a Kindle? We’re on Kindle too! *Disclosure: Press sample

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Exfoliating Body Scrub

Shannon Smyth
@agirlsgottaspa Energizing Citrus Salt Scrub. Exfoliating dry skin with Dead Sea Salts and hydrating with avocado oil. #scrub #bathandbody #beauty A year ago when A Girl's Gotta Spa! began the quest of producing the best bath and body products, this exfoliating salt scrub was the one I was looking forward to most. It's no secret that body scrubs are by far my most favorite skin care item due to the way it transforms your skin. Transformation is important when it comes to self-care. When you take the time for yourself, even to simply scrub away dull, dry skin, you make yourself a priority and that's important for your emotional well-being. If you don't make the time to care for yourself, who else is going to? Can we talk about how amazing this 10 oz. exfoliating body scrub is? As my fellow beauty blogger Christine from 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic told me, "I'm going to eat the scrub. OMG." Now, please don't consume this product, but I don't blame you if that's the first thing that comes to mind. It is 100% natural, though, as well as vegan and Leaping Bunny certified cruelty free. The natural ingredients listed on the label are super easy to understand. Don't you hate when you look at a label and scratch your head at an ingredient? I aimed to make it as simple as possible. That's why if you see Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis, I let you know that's Sweet Almond Oil in paranthesis. Some of the incredible ingredients include: Dead Sea Salt, Avocado Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Beet Root, Green Tea and pure essential oils. So not only is the Energizing Citrus fragrance out of this world like ripe citrus fruit at the peak of freshness, the other natural ingredients are skin smoothing and hydrating.   You want to look and feel your best and sometimes that can be difficult with everything you may have going on. Believe me, it happens to all of us (sometimes more often than we'd like to admit.) Give yourself just 5 minutes. It's too easy to neglect ourselves and become worn out, stressed out and run down. Rid your skin of environmental stress while treating yourself to some me time! You deserve to be pampered. To stay in the loop regarding A Girl's Gotta Spa! bath and body line, please subscribe to our mailing list (you get 15% off your first order if you do!) Also check out our ever growing list of retailers that believe in our mission. Interested in becoming a retail partner? Please see our Wholesale page.

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DIY Body Mask and Scrub Balinese Inspired

Gail Lewis

#DIY Body Mask and Scrub - Balinese inspired! #Bali #Beauty

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting a coffee plantation in the Kintamani region of Bali thanks to my fiancé's obsession with the Luwak Coffee that is produced in this region.  The plantation we visited not only produced Luwak Coffee, but also produced ginger, turmeric and a host of other spices, fruits and vegetables. At some point in the tour I mentioned to our guide that my sister and I have been using coffee grounds as a scrub for a few years now and it is still one of my favorite DIY body scrubs.  Our guide in turn told me that a lot of the women in that area also use coffee grounds as a scrub as well, but they combine it with ginger powder, turmeric powder and coconut oil for paste/scrub that is great for your skin.   According to our guide, the ginger powder warms up your skin leaving it glowing and radiant, the turmeric powder has a host of skin benefits including skin brightening and stretch mark reduction and the coconut oil moisturizes your skin leaving it soft and supple. I would advise combining the coffee grounds, turmeric and ginger powder and coconut oil with a bit of water to form more of a paste that you can let sit on your skin for around 20 minutes or so.  Then use a bit of water to moisten the paste and exfoliate your skin.  This DIY mask/scrub is super easy to create and you may actually have all of the ingredients that you need in your pantry at this very second.  I will warn that things can get bit messy with this mask/scrub so definitely do this in the shower and be prepared to spend a couple of minutes rinsing out your shower/tub. Messiness aside this mask/scrub is definitely worth the effort for the soft, glowing, moisturized skin that you'll have afterwards! Leave a comment if you give it a try! Subscribe to A Girl’s Gotta Spa! for more beauty reviews! Watch our reviews on YouTube. Got a Kindle? We’re on Kindle too!

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DIY Coffee Grounds Body Scrub

Gail Lewis7 comments
My sister is, and always has been, my beauty mentor.  Whenever I've had  a beauty ailment (which is a weekly occurrence,) I've always been able to count on her to steer me in the right direction.  Whether it be over plucked brows, breakouts or a lackluster complexion, she always seems to have a remedy in hand.  Her latest beauty advice for me was a body scrub using coffee grounds. This DIY body scrub was honestly one of the easiest and most enjoyable beauty adventures I've been on in a long time.  I got to enjoy a delicious cup cup of coffee then indulge in an amazingly effective...and cheap at home spa treatment.  I just took the leftover grounds into the shower with me and rubbed it all over my body.  The coffee grounds make a really gentle scrub, but also does a great job of exfoliating.  Caffeine is also known to be a fantastic anti-cellulite treatment. The strong smell of coffee in the shower also gave me an energy boost.  I do have to caution that the coffee grounds do tend to get very messy in the shower so it's a good idea to create more of a paste by combining it with olive oil...or shower oil.  My skin was soft and incredibly smooth and the best thing of all is that it did not cost me a thing! Subscribe to A Girl’s Gotta Spa! for more beauty reviews! Got a Kindle? We’re on Kindle too!

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