Bad Haircut? Best Ways to Get Hair to Grow Faster

Shannon Smyth
Tips on ways to grow your hair faster after a bad haircut.

Let’s be honest, haircuts aren’t always pretty. Sometimes the result comes as more of a shock to us than the overpriced bill we get afterwards. So, what do we do after our hairdresser turns us around the swivel chair, asks us “what we think” and we lie to their face saying we love it?

We asked NYC hairstylist, Kali Ferrara of the Roy Teeluck Salon in Midtown East, what the best ways are to get hair to grow quickly after a bad haircut.

Schedule an Adjustment

If your haircut is a complete disaster and you think the stylist may have done something wrong, it's always preferred that you first call and schedule an adjustment.

If it’s just not for you, any stylist would prefer you come back for an adjustment than for you to never come back and hate your hair. Your hair has a better chance of growing out if you leave it to a professional to adjust it rather than taking scissors into your own hands.


This is the number one thing you need when growing out your hair. The in-between stages (growing hair out past your ears and/or shoulders) are most often the times when people want to give up. They are the hardest and most crucial to bypass.

Hair Growth Vitamins

A hair growth vitamin, like vitafusion’s Gorgeous Hair, Skin and Nails Gummies, can also help aid in hair growth. Deficiency in any vitamins due to a poor diet can hinder hair growth.

Repair Your Hair with a Mask

Hair masks and low heat on your hot tools will also help your ends stay healthy, calling for less trims. The healthier the hair that comes from your scalp (and all the way down to your ends) the better, and more efficiently, your hair will grow.

While there is no quick, miracle cure for growing your hair overnight after a bad hair cut, there are things you can do to expedite the process and ensure that your hair grows back healthy and strong.

Tips from a NYC hairstylist on how to grow your hair faster after a bad haircut. #haircare

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Tips for Gray Hair #GrayAway

Shannon Smyth
Tips for gray hair (ways to slow it down or cover it up!) via @agirlsgottaspa @grayawayeverpro I hate to break it to you, but eventually gray hair will rule your mane. Chances are, if you are reading this article, you already know this to be true. When we go gray, and how much, is a mix of genetics and lifestyle. So while you may not be able to avoid it, you can slow it down or simply cover it up. Slow Gray Hair Growth with Vitamins and Minerals: Eating healthy benefits you in more ways than one, and that includes gray hair! When you have a deficiency in certain vitamins and minerals, it can not only affect the strength and sheen of your hair, but your hair color, as well. For example, low vitamin B12 and folic acid levels are notorious for causing loss of hair pigment. The production of melanin, which determines skin and hair color, slows as we age, so eating a diet rich in copper helps boost melanin production. This means that when your hair goes through its life cycle, you're less likely to have a gray hair replacing your typical color. I can attest to this myself! I'm 41 years old and had started seeing gray hair begin to emerge years ago. However, when I got pregnant with my 5th son in Nov. 2014 and began taking my prenatals, and even now still taking them due to nursing, I noticed something curious. I only have one singular, wiry gray strand. That's it. I wondered where all my gray hair went until I did my research and found out that I indirectly kicked it to the curb. I've even been asked lately what I use to color my hair (I haven't colored my hair in a few years now!) Stop Premature Graying by Quitting Smoking: Research indicates that there's a correlation between premature graying and smoking. While I couldn't find indepth details, the studies out there point to free radicals created by smoking as the culprit to damaging the cells that produce melanin. Smoking is bad for your health all around, so quitting is a no brainer. Conceal gray roots with @grayawayeverpro via @agirlsgottaspa Use a Gray Root Concealer: If you prefer your regular hair color and only want to conceal your gray roots, there's an easier way than dyeing it every 6 weeks. GrayAway has a root touch-up magnetic powder that self-adjusts color to match yours and washes out with your regular shampoo. Simply apply the powder with the sponge applicator, only touching up where you need it. The color stays all day, and because it is protein-infused, it leaves your hair shiny and soft. A bonus is that because this gray root concealer is a powder and you are applying it at your roots - it should also give your hair a little volume, as well. GrayAway also has a fast drying, sweat-resistant temporary root concealer spray, too. Gray hair affects most people by the time they turn 30, so hopefully these tips will help you slow down the process or find and easier way to cover them up. Subscribe to A Girl’s Gotta Spa! beauty blog. Watch our reviews on YouTube, see our pins on Pinterest and check us out on Instagram and G+. Got a Kindle? We’re on Kindle too! Disclosure: This post was sponsored by GrayAway. You can follow them on Twitter @grayawayeverpro, on Instagram @grayawayeverpro and Facebook @grayaway.

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