Vegan Ice Cream Recipes

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Each of these delicious vegan ice cream recipes are the perfect treat for anyone who has a dairy allergy, chooses not to eat dairy, or is vegan or vegetarian.

With some no churn recipes included, you can enjoy these yummy ice creams whether you have an ice cream maker or not.

From salted caramel and camomile ice cream, chunky maple peanut butter ice cream, mint chocolate chip ice cream and so much more, there is something here for whatever your favorite ice cream flavor is!

vegan pistachio ice cream recipe
Vegan Pistachio Ice Cream
No ice cream machine needed to make this 5 ingredient vegan ice cream! It's vegan, gluten free and soy free.

vegan tahini ice cream recipe
Vegan Tahini Chocolate Ice Cream
The easiest, creamiest, decadent and healthy dessert recipe you can make! This 4-Ingredient No-Churn Vegan Tahini Chocolate Ice Cream is gluten-free, paleo, top 8 allergy-free, and sugar-free! No dairy, no fuss, and no fancy ice cream makers for this frozen delight!

vegan biscoff ice cream recipe
No Churn Vegan Biscoff Ice Cream
Easy no churn vegan Biscoff ice cream made with only 3 ingredients. This non dairy ice cream is so creamy and seriously easy to make. It's also completely nut free!

vegan cookies and cream ice cream recipe
Cookies and Cream Nice Cream
This vegan cookies and cream nice cream is creamy, delicious and cinch to make. With just three ingredients you can whip this up before you can say go bananas!

vegan strawberry cappuccino ice cream recipe
Strawberry Cappuccino Ice Cream
A little sweet treat with a buzz! Strawberry Cappuccino Ice Cream that's just 3 ingredients, gluten-free, and vegan. A healthy and fun-flavored dessert you whip up right in your blender!

vegan matcha ice cream recipe
Vegan Matcha Ice Cream
So easy and entirely fail-proof! This no-churn vegan matcha ice cream is super refreshing, packed with flavor and makes the perfect base for various desserts.

vegan salted caramel ice cream recipe
Vegan Salted Caramel and Chamomile Ice Cream
Creamy, sweet, salty, and heavenly...and the best part? It's healthy! This ice cream recipe is also Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, and Refined Sugar Free.

vegan vanilla ice cream recipe
Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream
What can be better than vanilla ice cream? A two-step homemade vegan ice cream with a creamy coconut milk base and all the vanilla flavor you love.

vegan mango ice cream recipe
Vegan Mango Ice Cream
3 Ingredients no churn vegan mango ice cream perfect to enjoy when you want something cold, sweet, healthy and delicious.

vegan strawberry ice cream recipe
Vegan Strawberry Ice Cream
This rich and creamy homemade strawberry ice cream is so easy to make. Plus, it's vegan, gluten free, and full of fresh strawberries!

vegan pumpkin ice cream recipe
Pumpkin Ice Cream
This dairy free pumpkin ice cream will make all your pumpkin spice dreams come true! It's the perfect no churn vegan ice cream that is creamy and bursting with fall spices. Plus, only 6 ingredients and so easy!

vegan maple peanut ice cream recipe
Chunky Maple Peanut Butter Ice Cream
This Dairy Free Ice Cream recipe is turned into Chunky Maple Peanut Butter Ice Cream with one simple ingredient. It is ultra-rich and creamy with lots of chunks and swirls and super easy to make from start to finish.

vegan chocolate ice cream recipe
Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream
Learn how to make Vegan Chocolate Ice cream with just 7 simple ingredients. It's fresh-tasting, chocolatey, and perfectly sweet. The texture is phenomenal, too — it's creamy, decadent, and silky-smooth!

vegan peppermint ice cream recipe
Vegan Peppermint Ice Cream
This delicious homemade Vegan Peppermint Ice Cream is creamy but light. Flavored with pure peppermint extract and flecked with crushed candy canes, it’s a perfect dessert for the holidays, but also refreshing any time of year.

vegan mint chocolate chip ice cream recipe
Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
This ultra delicious and creamy vegan mint chocolate chip ice cream combines coconut milk, cashews, and non-dairy milk to make an irresistible vegan ice cream!

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