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Winter Hair Care Tips

Winter Hair Care Tips from Ruth Roche #haircare

In winter, colder temperatures and indoor heating deplete moisture in the air, which can leave hair parched, so it’s important to replenish moisture to prevent breakage and promote shine. Ruth Roche, Artistic Ambassador for Pureology Serious Colour Care offers 5 tips for getting the glow back. 1. Get a good trim to remove frayed ends, they tend to be dryer and more damaged than the rest of the hair strand. 2. Use a clarifying treatment to remove styling product buildup that contributes to lack of moisture and dullness. Pureology Purify Shampoo is a great one – it’s sulfate-free and safe for color-treated hair. 3. Apply an intense treatment once a week to add suppleness, elasticity, strengthen hair, prevent breakage and add shine. If hair feels brittle, it needs moisture – if it feels rough, it needs both protein and moisture, so choose a treatment accordingly. 4. Use a light shine serum prior to styling to smooth down the cuticle, protect hair from heat and mechanical damage, and add moisture and shine. Pureology Cuticle Polisher shine serum can be used sparingly on fine hair, more for medium and coarse hair, and lots and lots for curly hair. 5. Get a professional brightening demi-permanent color gloss to close the cuticle and add shine, try Redken Shades EQ. If you found these tips helpful, please be sure to Like it, Pin it and Share with friends! Subscribe to A Girl’s Gotta Spa! Watch our reviews on YouTube, see our pins on Pinterest and check us out on Instagram and G+. Got a Kindle? We’re on Kindle tooShannon on G+ Photo Credit: Mike Ruiz

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