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Trade in stress for tranquility. Get the sensation of a moisturizing spa treatment at home!

Body Wash: A gentle, pure citrus scent that is bright and uplifting. Our Energizing Citrus Body Wash washes away the tension in your muscles and soothes dry skin from head to toe—keeping it feeling hydrated with aloe and plant-based botanicals. 

Body Lotion: Prideful of its featherweight texture, our indulgent body lotion is made not only for moisturization, but a glossy sheen combining shea, cocoa butter and olive oil that will give you a glow without being sticky or greasy.

This Skin Soothing Duo of Energizing Citrus is a cocktail of pure essential oils of pink grapefruit, orange, lemon, and lime - a scent that is clean and refreshing.

Energizing Citrus Skin Soothing Duo
3999 4600

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