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Pure and pale, the Selenite Sphere is here to soothe and raise up your spirit in all the right ways. As round and feminine as the divine, crystal spheres are all about unity and wholeness. It’s the perfect sacred shape to capture the white light of the Selenite crystal. Here to bless, to invite soft breath, and to help conduct energy, the Selenite Sphere can shift energy blocks and help you rise to meet your fullest power.

“With this sphere, I welcome white light, crown cleansing, and invoke my higher powers”


The sphere is one of the most essential shapes in sacred geometry. Known as the seed, the essence, the first, and the foundation - this endless shape captures the harmony of the universe, the shape of everything, and the wonder of feeling whole. Spheres can be an incredible tool for scrying, glimpsing into the future as a crystal ball, and for connecting with your deeper self, your dreams, and all your desires. 

The Selenite gemstone is one of the world's most beautiful healing crystals. A form of gypsum, this stone can be classic selenite with its angelic shades, it can be satin spar with its silk-like flow, or it can be desert rose with its blushing hues and petal-like perfection. Selenite is here for mental clarity, for encouraging flexibility of the body and soul, for encouraging you to be pure and true, and for helping those higher chakras. From rousing the heart chakra to invoking inner wisdom, cleansing the aura, and opening the crown, the Selenite sphere can lift you higher to lofty places.

Place your Selenite Sphere in your home to welcome harmony and intention or put it in any space that would benefit from white healing light brightening the shadows. For those who want to raise their psychic game, you can also sit gently and in surrender with your Selenite Sphere and let the universe connect through this ball of ripe energy and rich beauty.


  • 3 sizes Small  - 1.-1.25 inches, Medium  1.5 inches, Large 1.75-2inches
Selenite Sphere with Tripod by Tiny Rituals

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