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Go with the flow and let the currents of life lead you to oceans of possibility with the Apatite Sphere. Shimmering in shades of natural blue and green, these watery flow Blue Apatite Spheres are all about enhancing communication, welcoming social ease, and awakening creativity. 

“With this sphere, I embrace social ease, creative communication, and a sense of wholeness” 


Forever connected to the throat chakra, the Apatite crystal can unlock your secret voice so you can sing your truth to the wider world. For those who struggle to be heard or for those who want to access the well of calm and firm communication, this is one of the leading healing crystals for lending a lyrical lilt. Along with healing communication chasms, Apatite also encourages you to consider things from a different angle and to peer beyond the periphery. It’s a gem that actively helps with purpose and healing but does so by bringing its gentle energy and unbridled belief in the self.

The sphere shape is the perfect choice of sacred geometry for the Apatite crystal. Spheres are an incredible spiritual element. With their solid roundness, they represent themes of oneness, unity, wholeness, cyclical energy, and completion. They serve as a reminder that in ourselves we are full and on this earth and in this universe, we can be unified and complete. They also have big auric energy and historically have been used as scrying tools for those who want to see further. 

The Apatite Sphere is for those who want to blend the comforting karmic energy of the sphere shape with the creative communication crystal of Apatite. You can use this sweet flowing sphere to build strength and resilience in the soul, to see deeper and further, to connect with the world around you, and to set an intention as Apatite is also known as a stone of manifestation.


  • Unique and genuine Apatite gemstone
  • Approx. 25mm-40mm
  • Color, shape, size, and markings will vary
  • Comes with a description card
Apatite Sphere with Tripod by Tiny Rituals

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