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On long cold nights of the soul or simply when you need a zesty bright pick me up, hold the Carnelian Worry Stone in your hand and let its comforting weight and natural energy radiate right through. Nicknamed the Artists Stone, this polished flame colored natural crystal is a charmer when it comes to awakening the sacral chakra and fueling your inner fire with passionate love.

“With this stone, I step into my warrior spirit rather than sit in worry”



The Carnelian Worry Stone is here to bring you a boost whenever you need it. Whether you feel like the light has gone out or if you are seeking a quartz that can easily tap into your creative potential, this bright and polished crystal is here to cut through the anxious chatter and stimulate that fiery energy stashed away in your sacral chakra. Worry stones are magical tools for moments of meditation, getting yourself together, and musing on a question. Oval in shape, smooth and polished, and with a thumb-sized indent – they are made for tactile pleasure.

This worry stone is an amazing tool for when you want to boost your creativity. Ever soaked in a zest for life, the Carnelian Worry Stone connects with your sacral chakra – also known as the place where our creative spirit and our warrior energy sits.

Carnelian was once believed to be a stone of fertility and indeed it is beautifully blessed with feminine energy. But this stone awash in red and orange shades also has its balance of masculine magic. It invites protection, passion, a fighting spirit, and a fierce love of life all bubbling to the surface. With these moods upon you, it places you in a spot of clear thinking, grants you the confidence to solve problems, and entices you to grab the bull by the horns. For those moments when you feel frozen, simply grab your Carnelian Worry Stone, and let it infuse you with fearless grace and action.


  • Unique and genuine Carnelian gemstone
  • Approx. 1.5 inches long and 1 inch wide
  • Weight Approx. .7 oz
  • Color, shape, and markings will vary
  • Comes with a description card
Carnelian Worry Stone by Tiny Rituals
3595 3800

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