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 The Lapis Lazuli Sphere is here with its shimmering blue color, throat chakra charm, and spherical shape to collect negative energy. Crystals change their potency according to shape and the more symmetrical the shape, the higher those frequencies will sing out. For those seeking deep self-knowledge, a rise in spiritual vibes, and a little help in finding their own truth and passionate path in life, the Lapis Lazuli Sphere illuminates the way.

‘With this sphere, I set my intention to connect with my deeper wisdom and peer beyond the periphery’


Natural Lapis Lazuli comes cloaked in deep shades of blue and glints of gold, it’s a regal stone with regal moods to match. This sphere encourages self-expression, higher thinking, and taking actions that are beautifully aligned with your pure authentic being. The Lapis Lazuli Sphere is a stunner when placed in the home, it creates a place of purpose and welcomes intention with immediate effect. Just like the ancient mystics, this ball of bright crystal energy is your past, your present, and your future.

For those who are familiar with Feng Shui energy, the Lapis Lazuli Sphere shimmers with sheer harmony. It’s a stone that brings balance and creative problem solving to workspaces or studios. This sphere will also protect you from negative energy, strengthen your hand in matters of communication, and keep you riding the waves of life rather than feeling overwhelmed.

Lapis Lazuli connects beautifully with the third eye chakra. This is the chakra that serves as the eye of our own consciousness. When the third eye is open we are blessed with the ability to see beyond the confines of our periphery. Also known as the Stone of Wisdom, having a Lapis Lazuli Sphere in your life is all about moving out of the shadows and standing in the light of truth.


  • Unique and genuine Lapis Lazuli gemstone
  • Approx. 30mm-40mm 
  • Color, shape, size, and markings will vary
  • Comes with a description card
Lapis Lazuli Sphere with Tripod by Tiny Rituals

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