6895 14800

Fulfilled by our friends at Tiny Rituals

Brimming with azurite, green copper, and the power of positive change, this Malachite Tower can transform your life. Standing tall and with a solid base ever connected to the earth, this crystal tower is a spiritual tree reminding us that change can lead to glorious growth if we know how to nurture it right. Ripe with protection and forever a heart healer, this tower can bring both earthly and heavenly energy into your world.

“With this tower, I call in a surge of creative energy so I can find the courage to step forward”


For centuries Malachite has been the stone of choice for those seeking protection and healing against curses and all kinds of negative energy. Laced with feminine power, swirled with the fresh-cut shades of spring, and a guardian of the heart, Malachite is a dab hand at helping with emotional balance and ensuring that your heart stays cleansed and clear and wide open for receiving all the love the world has to give.

While Malachite is primarily a heart chakra stone, it also works with your solar plexus to ignite a sense of bravery, tap into that warrior spirit, and encourage any threads of creativity to flow. It can also shake out the dust from your third eye chakra – helping you to see clearly not only when it comes to external vision but also when it comes to the art of introspection. When our hearts and our third eye are clear and open, we can know ourselves better and walk in the light of authentic truth. All of this helps us to get closer to who we want to be and bring about the positive change that can propel us in the right direction. 

Physically, Malachite can also keep things flowing. Not only does it encourage a surge of creative energy and the courage to move in the right direction, but it also keeps the body strong. It can help with period pains, labor pains, and the physical process of rebirth – AKA overcoming fears and timidness. The tower shape is a mindful match for Malachite. With a solid base that stays connected to the earth and all angles rising until they reach a pinnacle point, this tower is perfectly poised for calling in the energy of the universe and releasing anything that needs to go.


  • Unique and Rare genuine Malachite gemstone 
  • Small 3-3.5 inches  Medium 4-4.5 inches
  • Color, shape, size, and markings will vary 
  • Comes with a description card

Malachite Tower - Rare Limited Edition by Tiny Rituals
6895 14800

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