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Powerhouse clearing

What it is: An overnight benzoyl peroxide treatment that provides powerhouse clearing, working beneath the skin’s surface to wipe out bacteria and gently peel away dead skin cells. Clinically tested as part of a 3-step system to help minimize breakouts in just 5 days.

Why you’ll love it: This lightweight, fast-absorbing night lotion targets, treats and prevents pesky breakouts with the blemish-busting powers of benzoyl peroxide and the gentle properties of nourishing squalane oil, soothing niacinamide and replenishing FHF-grown herbal parsley extract. You’ll love waking up to skin that’s delectably soft, clear and under control.

What fans say: “My skin looked fabulous!!! I use the face wash as well as the day creme and the difference in my skin is noticeable. Very nice product and not harsh to my skin.” Read more reviews below.

Clinical test performance: When used as part of our Comeback Clear® acne kit, 85% agreed active blemishes were visibly reduced & size of active lesions reduced in just 5 days. See more test results (inset left).

Midnight Clearing® by FarmHouse Fresh skincare

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