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Not ready to fully commit to a fragrance? Our 2ml vial perfume samples are perfect for trying before buying our full roll on size. 

Each of these testers comes in a glass vial on business card size cardstock. 

Arise - represents inner strength: jasmine, citrus, vanilla

Soar - represents confidence: citrus, floral, musk

Known - represents unconditional love: rose, spice, wood

Resilient - represents resilience: cashmere woods, lavender, peach, sandalwood

Manifest - represents dreams: amber, patchouli, vanilla

Persevere - represents determination: southern magnolia

Sanctify - represents clearing negative energy: palo santo

WE SUPPORT SURVIVORS: 10% of the sale of each perfume sold will be donated to Victim's Intervention Program (VIP) located in Honesdale, PA. VIP offers a multitude of services and education for victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault, and victims of other serious crimes (e.g. sex trafficking, homicide, DUI, child and elder abuse, stalking, etc.)

Make a monetary donation to Victims' Intervention Program.


Safety: Avoid contact with eyes. Do not swallow or take perfume internally. Do not apply to broken or inflamed skin. If irritation develops, reduce frequency or discontinue use. Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor first. 

Perfume Tester Size 2ml
495 595

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