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As full and round as Grandmother Moon hanging heavy in the sky, the Rainbow Moonstone Sphere is a luminous light, ever ready to guide you into ritualistic healing. A beautiful ball of crystal with a white glow, the Rainbow Moonstone Sphere is ripe with goddess energy and can help you to embrace new beginnings, cycles of change, and bring hope to even the darkest of nights.

“With this sphere, I can sit comfortably with all the cycles of change”


For centuries, the moon has been a companion, ever-present bringing her quiet wisdom and infinite calm to the table. Moving us from one cycle to the next, the Rainbow Moonstone Sphere takes up this mantle, keeping us connected with both the here and now and the changes that are coming our way. For those moments when you need a helping hand to process and accept, holding the smooth and polished crystal sphere will instantly soothe a flailing heart and will bring a scattered mind back to a purer sense of self.

This gem was believed by the Romans to be a shard of liquid white moonlight, but even beyond the tales of mythology, Rainbow Moonstone is a solid tool for healing. Able to encourage your hormones into better balance, clearing out blockages in the chakras, and inviting you to tune in to those deeply stashed psychic abilities, this crystal has endless capabilities to help the body, mind, and soul.

For those wondering how is Rainbow Moonstone formed? It comes (not from fallen moonlight as the Romans believed) but from the intermingling of two feldspar minerals known as orthoclase and albite. the marriage of these minerals creates the luminous look of shadows shifting across the gem's surface, putting a glowing light into motion. This motif of motion is carried into the spheres affinity to help those who hold it to go with grace into new chapters of their life.


  • Unique and genuine Rainbow Moonstone gemstone
  • Approx. 25mm-40mm
  • Color, shape, size, and markings will vary
  • Comes with a description card
Rainbow Moonstone Sphere with Tripod by Tiny Rituals

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