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The pure power of the Selenite crystal comes together with the sacred heart shape in this Selenite Recharging Heart Bowl. Here to freshen up your crystal collection in an instant, this heart bowl is a beautiful way of cleansing and charging your gemstones with elegance and ease. 

“With this heart bowl, I create a sacred space for crystal cleansing and loving energy” 


Carved from one of the most powerful healing crystals out there, the Selenite stone is a dab hand at removing energy blocks, bringing light to the darkness, and keeping things connected and grounded when they need it the most. It takes its name from the moon and comes big on goddess energy and divine feminine power too. 

The light and love of this Selenite Heart Bowl will not only help transform your space into something sacred but also creates a dedicated place for crystal care. Using this bowl, you can place your tumbled crystals or crystal jewelry into the open heart of the bowl whenever you feel they need a cleaning. Energetically cleansing your crystals is an important part of ensuring they stay humming at their highest vibrations and shift any dark spots or energy blocks that may have been collected while they have been doing their integral work.

The ideal crystal for any space, this soft and glowy Selenite bowl uplifts and elevates any space. Filled with light and love and singing to the angel realms, this bowl can also help you keep toxic energy out of your space and ensures you have the right balance of bright and radiant beauty flowing through your home and your own dear heart.


  • 100% Genuine Selenite
  • Measures approximately 3.5-4 inches in Diameter, Weights ~ 7 oz
  • Avoid soaking in water, as Selenite will dissolve
Selenite Crystal Recharging Heart Bowl by Tiny Rituals

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