Aveda Clove Color Conditioner Review

Whenever I can do something, anything, that will lengthen the time in between beauty services, I am all about it.  Don't get me wrong, I love receiving any and all types of beauty services...the dreaded bikini wax included, but I never enjoy receipt of the bill for said services. I am always in search of a way to make my services last longer so as to go into the spa/salon less frequently.  My latest beauty budget friendly discovery is Aveda Clove Color Conditioner. This conditioner is a color enhancing conditioner, so it conditions your hair while rejuvenating and refreshing your color at the same time. The Clove Conditioner is supposed to enrich warm tones in medium brown hair, but I have dark brown hair and it worked just fine with my hair color.  My color looked a lot richer and my hair was super shiny and soft.  The scent is pretty great too, the only drawback of this conditioner was that it does get messy in the shower and my fingers were a bit stained after using it. If you have a white shower, don't be alarmed as it washes away pretty easily with soap and water...and it is after all a color conditioner.  It was recommended that I use the Clove Shampoo with the conditioner for better results, but I chose to use my regular shampoo and still loved how it worked with my hair. My absolute favorite thing about this conditioner (besides my soft, shiny, color enhanced hair) is that now I can go a lot longer in between colors!  Aveda also has color conditioners for blond, gray, red, auburn, dark brown and black hair, so I definitely suggest trying it out, the conditioner is only $18.00 a bottle! Subscribe to A Girl’s Gotta Spa! for more beauty reviews! Got a Kindle? We’re on Kindle too!

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