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5 Cruelty Free Perfumes from A Girl's Gotta Spa!

A few years into our natural body care line, I began to hear more people talk about how hard it was to find cruelty free perfumes. Since A Girl's Gotta Spa! is a Leaping Bunny certified brand (and vegan), I decided we needed to do something to fill this void in the market.

Most people usually associate A Girl's Gotta Spa! with spa quality bath and body products, not perfumes. However, scent, to me, aligns with mood and the feelings generated from them.

As a brand intended to encourage and uplift women, fragrance is the perfect extension of our brand.

As I write this, we have 5 cruelty free perfumes with a 6th in development for Summer. 


arise floral perfume

ARISE: This perfume was named as a call to action to women to rise up, find their inner strength and overcome the obstacles holding then back. 

Scent Profile: Evocative of a day spent strolling through an oceanside meadow of tropical jasmine sambac. The scent opens with sunny grapefruit and orange then deepens with your body heat to a delicious vanilla bean note. 

Feeling: Floral, feminine and bright.

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SOAR: For those who are ready to spread their wings and fly - Soar is about confidence and moving forward.

Scent Profile: Envision strolling through a citrus orchard on a breezy harvest day. Soar suggests a soft spice element that deepens to the warm lusciousness of fig and amber, leaving the lingering base note of white musk on your pulse points. Balanced with the brisk citrus bite of Meyer lemon and wild orange, Soar introduces a colorful whisper of geranium and rose absolute.

Feeling: An airy mood booster.

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KNOWN: The name is derived from all encompassing, unconditional love.

Scent Profile: Wild rose meets sensual tea rose and sweet black currant gives way to crisp green angelica notes. The drydown leaves the ethereal perfume of papyrus on your warmest pulse points.

Feeling: Mysterious, sensual and intended to capture your hidden essence.

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resilient woman

RESILIENT: For those that need to be reminded of their resilience and its transformative effects.

Scent Profile: Top notes of violet soften to a powdery French lavender. The warm drydown of white sandalwood and cozy cashmere woods give Resilient a heady warmth. The luscious kiss of peach blossom and vanilla linger delightfully with your body heat.

Feeling: Soft but powerful, undeniably beautiful.

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MANIFEST: Focus, dream, drive from within.

Scent Profile: Lingering light amber meets warm Indonesian patchouli. Benzoin vanilla resin gives Manifest a sweet, scrumptious, enduring finish on your pulse points.

Feeling: Warmth, abundance, and light.

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Which one do you identify with?

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