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What Does Wellness Really Mean?

Wellness is when an individual is in the state of good health; mentally, physically and spiritually.

You might consider wellness a buzzword, especially when it’s tossed around in marketing constantly. It tends to be a topic that is very much focused on, and highlighted by, influencers and celebrities. There are wellness retreats and conferences, even YouTube tutorials that cover the topic of wellness.

But what does wellness really mean?

Wellness should be looked at in three different ways, namely: Spiritual Wellness, Mental Wellness, and Physical Wellness.

Spiritual Wellness

This form of wellness is within your inner being, and it involves the sense of connecting to a higher power. The name we give that higher power varies from person to person. There’s no way to become spiritually perfect, but rather your soul will constantly grow and acquire spiritual wellness, as it is ever evolving. 

This task can vary from individual to individual, but you can improve yourself spiritually through meditation, reflecting on yourself, taking the time for gratitude, and so on. Spiritual wellness is like the food for your soul.

Physical Wellness

Physical wellness isn’t just about your outer appearance, it’s about your inner appearance as well. This includes the parts of your body that let you live and be, and enable you to move and breathe.

Physical wellness can be interpreted differently from individual to individual, with the aim being improvement of bodily functions. There are factors that influence your physical wellness, including: sleep, exercise, diet, and so on. Overall, physical wellness balances you out perfectly.

Mental Wellness

Mental wellness is more than just the enhancement of your intelligence and brain. It includes your relationships, brain functions, perception, personality, self-image, emotions, and more.

Acquiring mental wellness is more difficult that it seems, as you need to think differently and focus more on your self-care. This includes learning about what makes you grow, learn, love, joyful, challenged, and grateful.

Once you have found these things, aim to grow continuously in these areas. Learn to eliminate the things that cause your mindset to be unhealthy. Reduce or remove the things that cause dysfunction, stress or hate.

The people that surround you are the ones that have a major impact on this. Mental wellness is a pursuit of a healthy mind with perceptive and strong mindfulness.

Wellness can be embraced by anyone. You don’t have to be a certain shape or size, age, race, religion or have specific abilities. The key to wellness is taking a step back from demands, having your own space which will allow you to thrive.

Wellness includes all sizeable actions towards health - big and small; small things that you would do on a daily basis which will help you thrive and feel good in life and bigger endeavors that take longer periods of time to accomplish.

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