Four-Handed Massage at The Woodhouse Day Spa in Kingston, PA

vichy showerWhether you are a local in Northeast PA or just visiting on a seasonal basis, there are some great spas in the area worth checking out. While tweeting with fellow NEPA'ers on Twitter a few months ago, I asked which spa was the best in the area. The Woodhouse Day Spa in Kingston was mentioned a few times. Seeing that A Girl's Gotta Spa! (sm), I knew I had to make the hour-long trip from where I am in the Poconos over to Kingston to experience what they call the "four-handed massage." The Woodhouse Day Spa can be found on the very bustling Wyoming Avenue just off Rt. 309. But don't be fooled by the busy road as the spa, set in a Tudor-style house, has no sights or sounds of the road once inside. Once you walk through the over-sized doors, you are welcomed with the aroma of lavender in a dimly lit retreat full of soothing sounds. I could honestly feel the difference from the stress of the outside world to a more relaxed state once inside the spa.  I was guided upstairs, bypassing a glass stained window and window box, and entering a room with ice water, fresh tea and plush chairs while I waited for Jenn and Mary to bring me into the duet room. I noticed there was a doorway at the back of this room with a small glass encased porch for guests to sit in and relax, as well. Once I received my microfiber/microchenille robe...which I will tell you is the MOST comfortable robe I have ever worn...I entered the duet room filled with the fragrance of lavender and vanilla. Jenn and Mary went to work giving me the most amazing and relaxing massage ever. They paid special attention to my upper back, as I had requested on my guest form, and avoided my sprained ankle. I warned them that it was entirely possible I would fall asleep during the 50 minute massage, and I have to say there was a few times where I dozed off.The Woodhouse Day Spa, Kingston, PA After the massage I went down to the gift shop and saw the robes were for sale (hi Mom, birthday present please!) as well as Primavera aromatherapy products (used during the massage), amala skin care, Supracor Spa Cells, handmade soaps, as well as mineral makeup. Maurita, the owner, and Rebecca, the manager of the spa, both took the time to introduce themselves as well. Thanks to my twitter followers for recommending The Woodhouse Day Spa! I can see why everyone highly recommends them! See and their Facebook fan page for more information.

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