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Liquid Skin Salve for Dry Skin Relief

Liquid skin salve for hands from Sutton Family Skin Care via @agirlsgottaspa If creams and lotions haven't worked on your dry skin, but you're not a fan of oils, then this review of Sutton Family Skin Care's liquid skin salve is something you'll want to read. I'm thrilled to have had the opportunity to not only try something new to me (liquid skin salve), but that it also comes from a skin care brand that is local to me here in Northeast PA. (I am all about supporting small, local business!) Sutton Family Skin Care was developed by a bio-organic chemist in search of creating a product that would actually relieve dry, cracked, painful skin often associated with those who have diabetes or are in the healthcare field (from repeat handwashing.) Her first customer? Her husband, Dr. Charles Sutton. (and it's safe to say he loved it!) Sutton Family Skin Care has two products - a liquid skin salve for hands and one for feet. I wasn't really sure to expect (would it be watery? messy? greasy?), but I was pleasantly surprised. Liquid salve for dry, cracked feet from Sutton Family Skin Care. Review via @agirlsgottaspa To start, the Liquid Skin Salve for Hands comes in a 4oz bottle (and travel size) that easily fits into your hands (or as least my small hands - it wasn't too big or too small.) It does have a fragrance to it, which is very clean yet smells floral. Here is how they describe it on their website: Fresh watery notes mingle with hints of lily, sea salt and an ocean accord. It's not overwhelming and what amazed me more is that the scent lasted a good 6-8 hours. Even though it began to fade throughout the the day, if I put my hands near my face, I could still smell the aroma. It's really pretty, yet unisex. The sprayer is very direct and doesn't overspray beyond where you are aiming. So it is not messy at all. Something I've found when I use hair treatments that I spray on, is that the mist usually gets all over my bathroom floor making it slippery. Even though this is a fine mist, it only came into contact with my hands and feet and no where else. A definite plus. It's not greasy. While it does have some slickness to it at first, and takes a bit longer than most moisturizers I've used to absorb, once it is in your skin you are left with very soft hands. Another bonus is that I can spray this directly on my cuticles and around my nails where my skin gets super dry and then rub it in. It seems to do better than most lotions and creams. The Liquid Skin Salve for Feet is along the same lines in terms of hydration, not being messy or greasy. It also comes in 4oz (and travel size as well.) I LOVE the cooling sensation of peppermint and eucalyptus that's in it (and it smells sooooo good.) Typically when I apply lotion to my feet in the bathroom, I leave lotion foot marks on the tile. I liked that this was not the case with this product. With each salve, you simply spray a few times and then massage in the liquid. Super easy and super quick. Sutton Family Skin Care is cruelty free, vegan, sulfate and paraben free. Give them a look and see if they'll work for you! Subscribe to A Girl’s Gotta Spa! beauty blog. Watch our reviews on YouTube, see our pins on Pinterest and check us out on Instagram and G+. Got a Kindle? We’re on Kindle too!

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