Osmia Organics Milky Rose Soap

Mandy Lewis
Osmia Organics Milky Rose Soap review via @agirlsgottaspa When it comes to cleansing my body, I never did like using a bar of soap, I have always preferred body washes, gels or shower oils. I have rarely found a soap that I enjoy using. They tend to leave a filmy residue that leaves my skin dry and itchy, especially during winter. So of course I was skeptical when I received a bar of Milky Rose soap from Osmia Organics. Their soaps are made with organic oils, organic and natural plant butters, organic and wildcrafted herbs, organic milks, and organic or wildcrafted essential oils. They avoid things like synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, parabens and phthalates and there is no animal cruelty involved. Also their soaps are wrapped in 100% post-consumer, recycled paper and hemp twine which is biodegradable and compostable. Osmia Organics post-consumer recycled packaging. via @agirlsgottaspaSkepticism aside, I absolutely love their packaging! Seriously, this soap was way too pretty to open. Osmia Organics Milky Rose Soap Review via @agirlsgottaspa. Cruelty free beauty. And when I did eventually open it, I was definitely not expecting rose petals (organic), on top of the bar. The scent is light, fresh and clean.  It's all so very lovely! Osmia Organics Milky Rose Soap review via @agirlsgottaspa When using this organic soap I found that it lathered really well and there was no overwhelming rose scent. It didn't feel abrasive or tacky. It's very creamy and gentle. However, after rinsing I did feel like there still was a bit of soap residue left on my skin, but it also left my body moisturized and feeling soft. My skin did not feel dry and irritated like it normally does with bar soaps. I won't be giving up my body washes anytime soon, but a soap like this that has all natural and nourishing ingredients is definitely worth a try! To peruse other natural, organic, quality products besides this lovely soap please visit www.osmiaorganics.com. Subscribe to A Girl’s Gotta Spa! beauty blog. Watch our reviews on YouTube, see our pins on Pinterest and check us out on Instagram and G+. Got a Kindle? We’re on Kindle too! *Disclosure: press sample

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DIY Coconut Oil Shea Butter Body Whip

Shannon Smyth
DIY Coconut shea body whip recipe via @agirlsgottaspa Skin feeling incredibly dry? This Coconut Body Whip, made with Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil, is a silky, light-weight moisturizer that's perfect for everyday use or as massage oil. Hydrate your skin and have some fun concocting this DIY body whip! Coconut Body Whip Ingredients 3/4 cup Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil 2 Tbsp Shea Butter 35 drops Orange Essential Oil 30 drops Pine Essential Oil 15 drops Lemongrass Essential Oil 15 drops Lemon Essential Oil Directions 1. In a double boiler over low heat, gently warm the coconut oil and shea butter. Be careful not to melt the oil and butter - heat just enough to blend easily. Once incorporated, transfer the oil and butter mixture to a bowl. 2. Use an electric mixer on low speed to blend the coconut oil and shea butter until well mixed, 1-2 minutes. 3. Increase the speed to medium for several minutes, then high for several more minutes until  the mixture has a lovely, whipped consistency. Remember to keep scraping the ingredients down the sides of the bowl, so they get fully incorporated. 4. Add the essential oils and blend to incorporate. The whole mixing process should take 8 to 10 minutes. Yields 8oz. Transfer to a container like a wide-mouth canning jar for easy scooping. Unlike coconut oil that has not been whipped, this product is easy to scoop even at cooler temperatures. Let us know if you try it! Subscribe to A Girl’s Gotta Spa! beauty blog. Watch our reviews on YouTube, see our pins on Pinterest and check us out on Instagram and G+. Got a Kindle? We’re on Kindle too!

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Prevent Dry Cracked Hands - Try This

Shannon Smyth

One of the worst offenders of dry or dehydrated skin is when it comes to cracked skin on your hands. So painful and it feels like a neverending cycle of trying to keep germs at bay with repeated handwashing, which totally dries you out, and then moisturizing to try to combat the dry skin.

A few years ago I learned this simple trick you can do at home that really helps to get rid of the dry skin and hydrate it leaving those cracked, painful hands behind.

What You'll Need:
A bowl Hot water (but not scalding)
4 paper towels
1 cotton towel
Plastic wrap

How- To:

  • Pre-cut plastic wrap in a large enough section that it would cover a 13x9 dish (do this twice) and place to the side.
  • Fill a bowl with hot water and putting it aside.
  • Break off 4 paper towels all as one, but then split in two (so that you have two sections that are two paper towels connected.) Place them in the bowl of water.
  • Over the sink apply an exfoliating scrub, like A Girl's Gotta Spa! Salt Scrub, to dry hands. Be sure to massage the scrub thoroughly getting in between fingers and paying attention to the cuticle area, too.
  • Rinse.
  • Before drying hands, remove the two sections of paper towel from the bowl and ring out the water and lay them flat on the counter.
  • Use the cotton towel to pat hands dry, leaving them slightly damp.
  • Applying an uber hydrating lotion, like A Girl's Gotta Spa! Energizing Citrus Body Lotion, to your hands generously (as in, more than you would typically apply to hands.)
  • Wrap one hand in one section of warm paper towel and then wrap with the section of plastic wrap. For your remaining hand, you'll need to enlist some help to do the same for this hand.
  • Relax and wait 3-5 minutes, then unwrap and if hands are still damp, gently pat dry.

Sometimes I apply a little more lotion once I've unwrapped my hands. It really depends on how bad your hands are.

Repeat this twice weekly until you see a marked improvement in your hands. In between this DIY hand pampering, always apply your lotion as you normally would.

I can say I always notice a difference after the first time I do it, but I've had friends who are mechanics or work in construction that the cracking is really bad and while they notice some definite softening and hydration right away, it takes repeat treatments before the cracking completely resolves.

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DIY Peppermint Eucalyptus Bath Bombs

Shannon Smyth

Candy canes may be great for stuffing stockings, adorning trees, or a sweet snack, but the minty holiday staple can also be incorporated into your beauty routine.

Peppermint oil contains minerals and nutrients including iron, calcium, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A and C, and is soothing to the skin.

Indie Lee has created a holiday-themed bath bomb recipe, which makes for a great hostess gift or stocking stuffer. The secret ingredients to the all-natural recipe are baking soda and citric acid, which will make the bombs fizz up like a glass of champagne once you drop them in the bathtub.


1 c. baking soda
½ c. citric acid
2 tbsp. jojoba oil
5 drops of peppermint essential oil
5 drops of eucalyptus essential oil
5 drops of lemon essential oil
1 tbsp. witch hazel

Directions: Before you start the DIY, make sure you have a fun holiday mold or tin to shape your bombs in. You could also use cookie cutters and parchment paper. Combine baking soda and citric acid in a large mixing bowl.

Drizzle in jojoba oil, followed by essential oils. Mix well until you have a smooth mixture. Slowly drizzle witch hazel into the mixture, constantly stirring to stop the ingredients from fizzing.

Once all of the ingredients are moist enough to clump together, firmly press the mixture into your molds. Allow the bombs to dry for 3-4 hours before removing them from the molds.

Recipe will make 6-10 bath bombs, depending on size of mold. Add 1-2 bath bombs to a warm bath and enjoy. Use within three months. Store in an airtight container. 

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Benefits of Avocado Oil

Shannon Smyth
Skin benefits of #avocado oil via @agirlsgottaspa #beauty #skincare #bodycare Avocados offer amazing skin and health benefits; avocado oil even more so, which is why this natural skin moisturizer is included among the ingredients of A Girl's Gotta Spa! Energizing Citrus Salt Scrub. Some of the benefits of avocado oil include: It's rich in anti-oxidants, which counter the skin's natural aging process and helps fight free radicals. Among these in avocado oil are Vitamin A, C and E.
  • Vitamin A: This anti-oxidant exfoliates and makes skin smooth, improves hydration and soothes irritated skin.
  • Vitamin C: One of my favorite anti-oxidants for so many reasons, some are which include it's ability to fade dark spots and hyperpigmentation, it helps increase collagen production (necessary for smoother skin and reducing wrinkles), and strengthens your skin's barrier response.
  • Vitamin E: In skin care products, Vitamin E protects you from UV damage, helps prevent water loss from skin which can lead to dehydration (dry skin) while strengthening your skin's barrier. It also protects the skin oil balance when cleansing.
Avocado oil also contains omega-9 fatty acids, which are beneficial to skin health. They aid in hydration, combatting dry, flaky skin and often improves symptoms of eczema.   Bottom line? If your skin is dry, you want to use a product that contains avocado oil! Some posts to check out: DIY Skin Care Recipes Homemade Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment (includes avocados) DIY Avocado Hair and Face Mask Subscribe to A Girl’s Gotta Spa! Watch our reviews on YouTube, see our pins on Pinterest and check us out on Instagram and G+. Got a Kindle? We’re on Kindle too!

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Hydrating DIY Coconut Oil Foot Scrub

Shannon Smyth
#DIY hydrating coconut oil foot scrub #scrub #bathandbody Feet are always in need of some restoration and hydration no matter the season. Whether you’ve had a long day at the office, you’re suffering from dry flip-flop feet, or you’re trying to break in a new pair of heels, there is nothing a DIY at-home foot scrub can’t fix. Try the below recipe for a luxurious, at-home foot treatment from celebrity manicurist and owner of As "U" Wish Nail Spa, Skyy Hadley and your feet will feel good as new in no time! Skyy Hadley’s Recipe for the Ultimate Hydrating Coconut Scrub: · Begin by muddling a few fresh mint leaves in an empty jar to release their natural essential oils. This will help you relax while providing hydration. · Warm up some coconut oil and pour into the jar until it is halfway full. · Add 2 tablespoons of honey and mix in 1 tablespoon of sugar until the sugar is completely immersed in the oil mixture. · Take a couple spoonfuls of the scrub and work into your legs and feet to fully exfoliate, sloughing away dead skin and smoothing out calluses, cracked heels and rough spots. · The coconut oil will provide a great amount of moisture, leaving skin feeling smooth and supple. · Also, be sure to rub on toe nail beds and in between toes to prevent nail infections and fungus (as coconut oil contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties). · Repeat 1-2 times per week for a moisturizing and revitalizing at-home spa treatment. Subscribe to A Girl’s Gotta Spa! Watch our reviews on YouTube, see our pins on Pinterest and check us out on Instagram and G+. Got a Kindle? We’re on Kindle too!

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Solid Lotion Bars from Faith, Soaps and Love

Shannon Smyth
Solid Lotion Bars from @faithsoapsnlove via @agirlsgottaspa Know for their incredible handmade artisan soaps, Faith, Soaps & Love has another trick up their sleeves... or in this case, in their tubes. Good things come in 2 oz. packages. Don't let the small number fool you, as the Solid Lotion Bar tube is the size of my hand. If you've never tried solid lotion before, it is a different experience than fluid lotion and has its benefits. These particular lotion bars are comprised of shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, fragrance or essential oil. Simple ingredients and completely convenient packaging. While the shea butter and coconut oil hydrate your skin, the beeswax locks in the moisture. It's best used on your elbows, knees, heels of your feet - which is also another reason the packaging is super convenient. I've used lotion bars in the past, but they came in a tin and I'd have to hold them in my hand to apply. It would become tricky because the heat from my hand would soften the bar and my hands would become a little greasy. Utilizing Faith, Soaps & Love's solid lotion bars in the tube totally takes the messiness out of the equation. I love that. I'm not the only one in my house using these solid lotion bars, as my oldest son began using them on his eczema. His elbows get really bad and he tends to scratch it, making it worse (and spreading.) I've tried encouraging him to use body oil sprays and lotions, but he always foregoes it (i.e. he ignores me.) I've mentioned it before, and if you are a long time reader you may already know, that my oldest son is on the Autism Spectrum. With his sensory issues he found that the solid lotion in a tube is perfect for him. Better still, his eczema has diminished significantly. While I can't go making bold claims that it cures eczema, it definitely helps. He now uses it on his legs and arms, too. The solid lotion bars come in a variety of scents and are only $6.50 each. They do also sell non-tubed heart-shaped lotion bars in a variety of fragrances as well (set of 4 is $6.) As with their handmade soap, the tubes each have a scripture verse on them. Have you tried solid lotion before? Subscribe to A Girl’s Gotta Spa! Watch our reviews on YouTube, see our pins on Pinterest and check us out on Instagram and G+. Got a Kindle? We’re on Kindle tooShannon on G+ *Disclosure: Press Samples

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A Girl's Gotta Spa! Energizing Citrus Body Lotion

Shannon Smyth
Video: @agirlsgottaspa Energizing Citrus Body Lotion #beauty #bathandbody You deserve to be pampered. Do you believe that? You should! In this video I talk about A Girl's Gotta Spa! Energizing Citrus Body Lotion, including the ingredients, how it works and what I was looking to achieve in order to meet your needs when creating this beauty brand. This isn't your typical shea lotion and I truly believe it is the best lotion for dry skin (or any skin!) Watch the video for more info: Ingredients: Aqua (Water), Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Cetearyl Alcohol (and) Polysorbate 60, Citrus Paradisii (Pink Grapefruit) Peel Oil, Phenoxyethanol (and) Caprylyl Glycol (and) Sorbic Acid, Citrus Limon (Lemon) Peel Oil, Citrus Latifolia (Lime) Oil, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Peel Oil. Facts: Vegan, 94% natural, certified cruelty free, and made in the USA. Where to buy: www.agirlsgottaspa.com/store, and Amazon.com. See our website for a full list of retailers. Sign up for our product newsletter and receive 10% off your first purchase: http://eepurl.com/ODuT1 (Can only be used directly on agirlsgottaspa.com) Please leave a comment if you've used it!

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Your Lips' New Best Friend

Shannon Smyth2 comments
@TreatBeauty Organic Sherbet Lip Scrub #review via @agirlsgottaspa #beauty My addiction of a good scrub goes beyond just body and facial scrubs. I adore lip scrubs and Treat Beauty's newest organic sugar scrub is one you'll want immediately. First and foremost, I love that this scrub comes in a handy tube. This makes it easy to bring with you when traveling, and even easier if you are using it in the shower because your fingers won't get messy and slippery. It also means there's basically no chance of getting water into the tube as you would with a jar. This lip scrub is also pretty big! It's jumbo in size and not your typical small lip tube. @TreatBeauty Sherbet Lip Scrub #review #organic #sugarscrub via @agirlsgottaspa To use, simply twist up a little scrub (don't worry, it won't fall out), press to your lips with your mouth slightly open and rub in a circular motion. If in the shower (which I found easiest), simply rinse your face. If at the bathroom sink, just use a wet washcloth to wipe away the sugar. It doesn't leave any greasiness behind, just super soft lips. Aside from exfoliating well, this lip scrub smells and tastes delicious! Not that I am one for licking scrub off my lips when I just exfoliated the dry skin, but at least when I first apply it, if it happens to get in my mouth it's no biggie. Stop by www.treatbeauty.com and get one for yourself! Treat is cruelty free. Subscribe to A Girl’s Gotta Spa! Watch our reviews on YouTube, see our pins on Pinterest and check us out on Instagram and G+. Got a Kindle? We’re on Kindle tooShannon on G+ *Disclosure

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Best Body Lotions

Shannon Smyth3 comments
Best body lotions! via @agirlsgottaspa #bodycare #bathandbody #beauty #lotion The best body lotions are the kind that leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated, not just for hours, but for days at a time. I am incredibly picky when it comes to my beauty products, and when it comes to body lotion, I need something that delivers. Here's a few of the best body lotions (according to my skin!) Makes Scents Spiked Lemonade Body Butter: The fragrance is bright and uplifting and the butter is creamy and decadent. This is a summer-only product, so if it is still available on their site when you are reading this, don't hesitate to buy it! LATHER Lotus Flower Whipped Body Creme: This velvety soft anti-oxidant rich moisturizer has an herbal floral fragrance. It is non-greasy, soothing and softening. LAVANILA Vanilla Coconut Body Butter: This body butter has a mousse-like texture that quickly absorbs and a scent that makes you want to take a beach vacation and never come back. A Girl's Gotta Spa! Energizing Citrus Body Lotion: Yes, shameless plug, but I honestly stand behind my amazing natural body lotion. It literally quenches the driest of skin and brings it back to the land of the living (which happens to be on your own private island with a butler.) Faith, Soaps & Love Coconut Dreams Solid Lotion Bar: Solid lotion in a tube is where it's at. My oldest son uses this on his elbows, as he is prone to pretty bad eczema there. Not making any medical claims, however when he uses this... the eczema becomes less and less. (You can see my review of their handmade soaps.) What are some of the body lotions that you use?   Subscribe to A Girl’s Gotta Spa! Watch our reviews on YouTube, see our pins on Pinterest and check us out on Instagram and G+. Got a Kindle? We’re on Kindle tooShannon on G+

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