Why Self-Care is Essential for Physical, Mental, and Emotional Well-Being

Shannon Smyth

Self-care is more important now than ever before. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic causing stress and uncertainty for many people, it is crucial to prioritize taking care of oneself. Not only is self-care important for physical health, it is also essential for mental and emotional well-being.

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One of the main benefits of self-care is that it helps to reduce stress and improve overall physical health. When we are stressed, our bodies produce the hormone cortisol, which can have negative effects on our health over time. By engaging in self-care activities, we can help to lower our cortisol levels and improve our physical health. Some examples of self-care activities include exercising, getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet, and practicing mindfulness.

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Essential Oil Blends for Happiness

Shannon Smyth
Essneital oil blends for happiness. #essentialoils #wellness #happiness Who wouldn’t want to be happier? Between social media, the internet and television, we’re constantly bombarded with negativity that makes it hard to stay joyful. We also push ourselves so hard that there never seems to be any time to take a break. Whatever the reason, many people wish they were happier. While there are many lifestyle changes you can make, there are also essential oils that can be very beneficial. Let’s take a closer look at essential oil blends for happiness.

Improve your mood. Create your own blend from these oils:


It is almost impossible to not smile when you smell orange oil. It’s an invigorating scent that lifts the spirits and energy levels. You can also use grapefruit and lime oils – citrus oils are a mood booster.


With a spicy slightly sweet scent, caraway promotes happiness by soothing the nerves and encouraging positive thoughts. The scent also gives you a boost of energy.


Those dealing with depression can greatly benefit from the calming effects of lavender oil. Lavender calms while also lifting the spirits.


Is another great oil that energizes the mind and promotes positivity. (You can find it in our body wash.)


There are times when anger, resentment, and other ill feelings can prevent us from being happy. Bergamot oil allows us to let go of those negative feelings.


Not only is the scent of rosemary essential oil absolutely amazing but it has anti-depressant properties. Combining rosemary with lemon oil would be a wonderful blend.


With a fragrance similar to rose, geranium oil provides a host of benefits. Not only does it calm, but it also uplifts and strengthens. If you happen to be suffering from mood swings due to menopause, geranium oil is very beneficial. (You can find it in our rollerball perfume, Soar.) Essential oil blends for happiness. #happiness #essentialoils #wellbeing You can create your own blend of oils. The important thing is to find a scent you enjoy. Blend the oils so that you can create a blend with beneficial properties. Essential oil blends can be used with a diffuser, in beauty products, or simply with a carrier oil. If you’re using essential oils with a carrier oil on the skin, remember to always do a spot check. You want to make sure you don’t have a reaction to any of the oils before using on a regular basis. We all go through moments of unhappiness. However, if you are dealing with depression on a regular basis, you should consult a professional who can help. Subscribe to A Girl’s Gotta Spa! beauty blog. Watch our reviews on YouTube, see our pins on Pinterest and check us out on Instagram. Got a Kindle? We’re on Kindle too! Or check out our natural bath and body line!

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Relaxing Room Color Palettes

Shannon Smyth
Did you know that there is power in color? It’s true. Look at fast food chains and you’ll see the color red used frequently. The reason is that this color is said to stimulate the appetite. But what about other moods and feelings? Can colors relax you? Go to the spa and you'll noticed a muted color scheme. There are a number of colors that can ease anxiety and make us feel calmer. If you're looking to redecorate to promote a sense of well-being, we've gathered up some relaxing color schemes to help you decide which would best suit you.

Which Colors Promote Relaxation?

You can use any of the colors from this list to create a relaxing color scheme. One tip to keep in mind is the 60/30/10 rule. This rule creates balance in your room. Sixty-percent of the color scheme will be the main color (wall color). Thirty-percent is the secondary color (curtains, bedding, etc.). The last is the accent color which should make up 10% of the room (accessories).

Relaxing Room Colors:

Relaxing Room Colors #interiordesign #wellness


Just like the ocean encourages relaxation, so does the color blue. Looking at the color can reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure, and calm anxiety. You want to choose a soft shade of blue.

Green interiors promotes calm and wellness. #relax #interiordesign


Nature calms many of us. That’s why the color is great in a relaxing color scheme. Opt for soft shades, although this green color scheme above is also very calming.

pink hues 


Soft pinks can work in any room and offer a sense of tranquility, especially among other muted colors. 

violet interiors


This color makes a wonderful accent color. Violet makes us feel a sense of peace and boosts inner strength.

Grey interior walls promote a relaxing atmosphere. #interiordesign #wellness


Grey is such a wonderful color in a relaxing color scheme. This makes a wonderful main color for your walls. The color is soothing and is wonderful paired with blue as a secondary color. You can add other secondary or accent colors to your room. The key is to create a room that makes you feel relaxed.

How to Create a Relaxing Space:

Add plants to your room decor to brighten and liven up the space. Plants also promote relaxation. #interiordesign Now that you have your color scheme in mind. You want to think about how you can turn your space in a relaxing space. Here are some tips to create a zen experience.

1. Remove the clutter. You want to make sure your space is free of clutter. Clutter creates feelings of stress. Go through and purge everything you don’t need.

2. Add a plant. Even if the plant is plastic, having a piece of greenery in your space can make you feel a sense of peace.

3. Bring a water fixture into the room. The sound of running water is so relaxing. You can find indoor fountains for as little as $5 in some discount stores.

4. Create a place for everything. When you have a spot for everything, it’s much easier to keep your room organized. When your room is organized, it’s more relaxing.

5. Use a diffuser. An ultrasonic diffuser allows you to enjoy the fragrance and properties of essential oils. Avoid heated diffusers as these can alter the chemical composition of the oils. Lavender is an awesome option for relaxing.

Colors have such an impact in our lives. Harness that power and create a relaxing color scheme so that you can naturally reduce stress levels

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Mantras That Will Improve Your Mindset

Shannon Smyth
Pocket Mantras Words are powerful and have the ability to shape our thoughts, change our perception, connect with others, and provide comfort in our daily lives. Every year I have a word or phrase I focus on the entire year and try to keep everything I say and do in alignment with what my mantra is for those 12 months. This year it is bold abundance. I'm becoming increasingly more mindful about how my thoughts and the words I speak convert to actions (good or not so much.) By nature I am a pessimistic person and I struggle with anxiety. So I've been experimenting with different forms of meditation lately to help me shift my mindset, and repeating mantras is one that My Pocket Mantras has made easy for me. Stress relief mantra I don't know about you, but I have a difficult time coming up with phrases on my own. What I like about My Pocket Mantras is that it contains 150 simple phrases that are broken down into 8 categories - Starting Your Day, Stress Relief and Anxiety, Self-Love, Healing, Success, Abundance, Transformation and Bedtime. It's super easy to find a phrase to inspire and uplift you without fumbling for the right words on your own. Success mantra With short, rhythmic phrases that are easy to recite and repeat, each mantra includes insights into how to direct your thoughts and experience its benefits. Each page has the mantra at the top in large letters, then details on how and when to repeat it, and an explanation on how it will help you. They aren't time consuming, and even if you are a beginner, you'll find it very easy to follow along. I keep this book on my office desk within reach and when I'm traveling for a few days, it's small enough to toss into my handbag to take along with me. I try to say at least 3 mantras per day because I'm one who tends to over-fill my plate with to-do's, which can make for a chaotic mindset. Forcing myself to stop and take 3 minutes to perseverate on something positive has helped to re-center me when I feel like my brain is taking me in a hundred different directions. And it's actually helped me to be more productive. Tanaaz Chubb is the author of My Pocket Mantras and is the founder of ForeverConscious.com, a website dedicated to spiritual well-being, mindfulness, and healing. She is also the author of The Power of Positive Energy, and regularly contributes to Huffpost. I like books that get straight to the point without all of the fluff and filler, and Ms. Chubb does just that with My Pocket Mantras making it an easy book to simply pick up, choose and repeat your mantra, and go on with your day.  I definitely recommend it. What is your favorite mantra? Leave a comment and let me know. Subscribe to A Girl’s Gotta Spa! beauty blog. Watch our reviews on YouTube, see our pins on Pinterest and check us out on Instagram. Got a Kindle? We’re on Kindle too! Or check out our natural bath and body line!

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