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Relaxing Room Color Palettes

Did you know that there is power in color? It’s true. Look at fast food chains and you’ll see the color red used frequently. The reason is that this color is said to stimulate the appetite. But what about other moods and feelings? Can colors relax you? Go to the spa and you'll noticed a muted color scheme. There are a number of colors that can ease anxiety and make us feel calmer. If you're looking to redecorate to promote a sense of well-being, we've gathered up some relaxing color schemes to help you decide which would best suit you.

Which Colors Promote Relaxation?

You can use any of the colors from this list to create a relaxing color scheme. One tip to keep in mind is the 60/30/10 rule. This rule creates balance in your room. Sixty-percent of the color scheme will be the main color (wall color). Thirty-percent is the secondary color (curtains, bedding, etc.). The last is the accent color which should make up 10% of the room (accessories).

Relaxing Room Colors:

Relaxing Room Colors #interiordesign #wellness


Just like the ocean encourages relaxation, so does the color blue. Looking at the color can reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure, and calm anxiety. You want to choose a soft shade of blue.

Green interiors promotes calm and wellness. #relax #interiordesign


Nature calms many of us. That’s why the color is great in a relaxing color scheme. Opt for soft shades, although this green color scheme above is also very calming.

pink hues 


Soft pinks can work in any room and offer a sense of tranquility, especially among other muted colors. 

violet interiors


This color makes a wonderful accent color. Violet makes us feel a sense of peace and boosts inner strength.

Grey interior walls promote a relaxing atmosphere. #interiordesign #wellness


Grey is such a wonderful color in a relaxing color scheme. This makes a wonderful main color for your walls. The color is soothing and is wonderful paired with blue as a secondary color. You can add other secondary or accent colors to your room. The key is to create a room that makes you feel relaxed.

How to Create a Relaxing Space:

Add plants to your room decor to brighten and liven up the space. Plants also promote relaxation. #interiordesign Now that you have your color scheme in mind. You want to think about how you can turn your space in a relaxing space. Here are some tips to create a zen experience.

1. Remove the clutter. You want to make sure your space is free of clutter. Clutter creates feelings of stress. Go through and purge everything you don’t need.

2. Add a plant. Even if the plant is plastic, having a piece of greenery in your space can make you feel a sense of peace.

3. Bring a water fixture into the room. The sound of running water is so relaxing. You can find indoor fountains for as little as $5 in some discount stores.

4. Create a place for everything. When you have a spot for everything, it’s much easier to keep your room organized. When your room is organized, it’s more relaxing.

5. Use a diffuser. An ultrasonic diffuser allows you to enjoy the fragrance and properties of essential oils. Avoid heated diffusers as these can alter the chemical composition of the oils. Lavender is an awesome option for relaxing.

Colors have such an impact in our lives. Harness that power and create a relaxing color scheme so that you can naturally reduce stress levels

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