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The Lodge at Woodloch Crafted Cocktail Recipe

Fifteen years ago, The Lodge at Woodloch first opened its doors. The luxurious spa resort in Hawley, PA, was designed as a destination like no other in the Northeast. The intent was to create a wellness respite for guests to find a personal awakening through discovering stress-relieving outlets to help them along their wellness journeys.

I can attest that they have lived up to their intention, having visited the spa on numerous occasions (both press related and personal) and have stayed at the Lodge with my husband, as well as Woodloch Resort with my children.

The carefully selected land, which overlooks a 15-acre lake and naturally occurring cranberry bog, made Hawley the perfect location with easy access to New York City, Philadelphia, and other major cities.

To help celebrate this momentous occasion, Leslie Britt, Sommelier and Mixologist at The Lodge at Woodloch (lovingly known as the “Wine Slinger” has created a delish cocktail, and we've got the recipe so that you can recreate this yourself.

woodloch handcrafted cocktail recipe

Ruby Anniversary Crafted Cocktail, Heart & Soul

Kimerud Pink Gin, Fresh Blackmore Farm Red Berries, Fresh Lime Juice, ROOT- The Grenada, Ridgeview English Sparkling Fizz, Raspberry – Rosemary Signature Garnish, served on the rocks, in crystal (of course)


2 oz. Kimerud Pink Gin (selected for their sustainable efforts and contains 23+ botanicals)

Squeeze Fresh Lime Juice

5-6 Fresh Red Berries, Muddled (ideally from Blackmore Farm)

2 oz. ROOT The Granada Crafted Mixer

Topped with Ridgeview English Sparkling Wine (or sparkling wine of choice)

Garnished with Rosemary and Raspberries

*To create a mocktail, substitute sparkling water for the gin and sparkling wine.


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