"These products are amazing and have truly helped the condition of my skin!" - Mackenzie D. 

Are you tired of feeling self-conscious about crepey skin? We understand the frustration that comes with this common skin concern and are happy to help restore your confidence.

Did you know that most crepey skin is a direct result of years of unprotected sun exposure? Skin that was unprotected from UVA rays - the "aging" part of sun exposure - will see more of a breakdown of collagen and elastin.

Unfortunately, crepe skin cannot be reversed (unless you choose various forms of plastic surgery.) Hydration plays a major role in re-plumping the wrinkles of crepey skin, and it is one way to see an immediate difference in the appearance of the prominent wrinkling.

Energizing Citrus Skin Soothing Duo - A Girl's Gotta Spa!"I love the body wash. Have recommended it to friends to use. The light scent is refreshing and does not leave you with a soapy film on your skin. Follow up with the lotion and your skin is soft and smooth. Forget the crepe erase on TV, this lotion takes care of crepey skin. Try these products, I guarantee you will love them." - Paula R.

Using products with natural ingredients that penetrate the layers of the skin to nourish and hydrate will help to minimize the appearance of crepey skin, while also addressing drier skin that comes with age due to skin thinning. Don't resort to heavy, expensive creams. It's not necessary!

A Girl's Gotta Spa!'s body lotions are handcrafted and made specifically to be non-greasy, fast-absorbing, and affordable.

Synergy Body Lotion - A Girl's Gotta Spa!Here's how we're different: We blend shea and cocoa butter to a whipped consistency to create a delicate texture. We add skin-enriching olive oil and sunflower seed oil to this lightweight formulation for added moisturizing properties. The result is a weightless lotion that effortlessly glides over skin, rejuvenating it as it absorbs.

"I bought this for crepey skin - so far it’s working pretty good!" -Susan B.

All of A Girl's Gotta Spa! body care products are vegan, natural and Leaping Bunny certified cruelty free. As a brand, we are also rePurpose Global plastic neutral certified. Give us a try and discover a natural lotion that addresses dry and crepey skin.